What were the words to the "Looney Tunes" Song?

I know that Daffy Duck, and Bugs Bunny both sang this song, but apart from that have very little to go on.

The only part I know for sure is a line of Daffy’s

“Please pass the Ketchup, I think its going to rain”

I am also pretty sure that both characters sang a part

{paraphrased}“Im so looney, tuney… Im a looney tuney…”
If any one knows the full words, please let me know.

I think this is what you are looking for:

Oh people call me Daffy
They think that I am goony
Ah just because I’m happy is no sign I’m looney tooney
Oh when they say I’m nutsy
It sure gives me a pain
Please pass the ketchup I think its going to rain
Oh you can’t bounce a meatball
Though try with all your might
Ah turn on the radio I want to fly a kite
Good evening friends

So bugs never sang it? and Im curious, how did you know that, and did you Memorize it? More importantly for a follow up…WHY!?

I just found it by a quick internet search. It was not a 100% reliable source, but that is what I found.

Here we go, a more reputablesource.

The tune is called “The Merry Go Round Broke Down”, and Roger Rabbit sings it in his movie too.

Dave Franklin and Cliff Friend co-wrote The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down in 1937. Here are the original lyrics:

The merry-go-round broke down,
As we went 'round and 'round.
Each time 'twould miss,
We’d steal a kiss,
And the merry-go-round went…

The merry-go-round broke down,
And made the darndest sound.
The lights went low,
We both said, “Oh!”,
And the merry-go-round went…

Oh, what fun, a wonderful time,
Finding love for only a dime.

The merry-go-round broke down,
But you don’t see me frown.
Things turned out fine,
And now she’s mine,
'Cause the merry-go-round went…

The merry-go-round broke down.

Each place where there’s an ellipsis (…) the melody simulates a broken calliope.

All the world was gay, swinging on its way/ Things were looking brighter day by day/ Nothin’ ever wrong, life was just a song/ Till that Looney Tune came along/Ohhhhhh, I’m going cuckoo, woo-woo!/ Here comes the choo-choo, woo-woo!/ I’m so gooney, Looney Tuney, tetched in the head/ Please pass the ketchup, I think I’ll go to bed!/ Am I the screwball, woo-woo/ Throw me the eightball, woo-woo/ Once I knew a thing or two/now I’m a buckaroo/ Hinky-dinky parlais… vous-woo!

Huh, I never noticed that the meter of the Merry-Go-Round Broke Down is basically the same as a limerick.

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Down through the years: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XwiQVKOrejo

This is Bugs’ theme song.

We’re the boys of the chorus
We hope you like our show
We know you’re rootin’ for us
But now we have to goooooo


Not his theme song-just the jingle to a commercial/intro that he supposedly sang for a television show, on an episode about his supposed life story.

Overture, curtain, lights!


[quote=“terentii, post:14, topic:244258”]

Overture, curtain, lights!


For decades I thought it was:

Overture, curb the lights

I figured it was some gaffer term for dimming, or pointing down or something. You know those wacky Hollywood types.

I thought it was “Hold the cheer, turn the lights!” Which actually does make some sense.

I’m hearing “cut the lights”.

I think “Overture, curtain, lights” is the right one. Though I thought it was “turn the lights” as a kid.

That’s not the Merry-Go-Round Broke down. That’s the Woo Woo, The Harum Scarum Song

Now what was the name of the song Little Red Riding Hood sang.
“My father’s still in the factory
'Cuz he don’t know what tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
it happens to be”

Five O’Clock Whistle.