The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down has words!

Don’t ask me how I know the name of the song that’s played at the end of many Looney Tunes cartoons is called The Merry-Go_Round Broke Down. Mostly because I don’t know how I know this. But just now I heard a vinyl recording of a 1930’s recording of it and. . . it has words!
Now I’ve got to know. . . what’s the name of the song that Little Red Riding Hood sings?
My father’s still in the factory
'Cuz he don’t know what tiiiiiiiime it happens ta be!

or the one the vulture? sings.
If I could be with you here tonight.
Ayuck a tuck a tuck eyyyye!

Come on, you gotta know what I’m talking about!

the lyrics to Merry Go Round Broke Down are also heard in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (unless those were made up lyrics)
Red sings “Five O’Clock Whistle”
the only lyrics I know are the ones in the cartoon
"The Five OClock Whistle’s on the brink
The Whistle Won’t Blow and whaddaya think
My Papa’s still in the factory
Cause he don’t know what tiiiiiiiiiime it happpens t’ be

and the vulture sings
If I could be with you an hour tonight
which also Bugs and his rival sing while both getting ready for a date with a pretty girl bunny who has been grocery shopping (exploding chocolates, Bugs pretending to be the girl, the rival is a bit of a doofus…) i can remember the melody very well, but the lyrics and the title elude me

OK… now WHAT are the words? :cool:

I haven’t ever heard it sung, but I guess these are them.

Yeup, that’s them. Only the merry-go-round didn’t say stuff. It just made that broken down merry-go-round sound. You know, that darndest sound.

Tread with care in the vineyards of our copyright overlords. I recently got moderated (my first time evuh!) for posting the entire lyric of an obscure song from the early 1930s.

If anybody cares to do a little looking around, you’ll find Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington both did fine recordings of The Five O’Clock Whistle. A bunch of the big bands did The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down, but the only version I can recall off hand is Dick Jurgens’, with the band doing carnival patter, clarinets imitating a calliope, and other such fun.

Since none of you are Eve, I’ll assume you may not know that Warners used their cartoon division to plug their music division at every opportunity. Before Merrie Melodies had running characters, they were basically miniature musicals built around Warners songs…thus titles like Go Into Your Dance, September in the Rain, Have You Got Any Castles Baby?, etc. Some of these were great fun, especially those supervised by the ingenious Friz Freleng.

I believe Daffy performs the song in a vintage Looney Tune.

He does but it’s not quite the same as the original. Daffy sings that he works the merry-go-round, at least he did until it broke down.

Bump to see if daytime people know the name of the vulture song.

Almost positive the vulture (Beaky Buzzard) sings “Blues In the Night,” and then Bugs Bunny follows along when he sings “A ho-witta-ho-wit, a buzzard is two-faced” to the same tune.

Nope, not Blues in the Night. That’s the “My momma done tole me” song. The song I’m thinking about is different.

It wasn’t a matter of plugging: they were allowed to use WB-owned songs royalty-free. No issues with rights or permissions.

IIRC, Daffy Duck sings those first two lines while saluting to a picture of Gen. McArthur in “Draftee Daffy”.

I’ve got the Duke version, sung by the wonderful Ivie Anderson. Lyrics here.

I’m sorry, but every time I think of the “vulture song”, I see and hear that damn dumb buzzard singing

I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee
Won’t my mama be so proud a’me?
I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee
Doot doo doot doo doot doo doot doo doot doo doot doo doo.

I believe we have a winner! Although the version I remember replaces the last two lines with “ayucka tucka tuck eeeeyeee”.

If you were a faithful listener of the Dr Demento Show, you’d already have known that.

The Arkansas Traveler. And he’s a buzzard- Beaky Buzzard, to be precise.

Ja, the words in Roger Rabbitt* were made up by Eddie on the spot to distract the weasels. They’re nothing like the lyrics that were posted earlier.

But that bit is great. “I’ll kick you in the” “Nose!”

Heh. Nice coding, putz. :smack: