help me identify this song.

I’ve stumped Google - so I figured I’d see what the Dope could come up with…
I remember a few lines from a song I heard about 30 years ago.
I’ve been able to find exactly 1 hit on Google for each different part.

I remember the chorus exactly as this other person does

"Do the best you can with what you’ve got
The best you can with what you’ve got
Don’t fume or fuss over what is not
Do the very very best you can with what you’ve got "

The “Ask Yahoo” answer is they’re typical brand of wrong. (dead link with song title and artist as part of URL, which as far as I can tell has nothing to do with any of the lyrics).

The only other part I remember is one of the verses – likely the first verse:

"If you want to dig potatoes, you oughta have a hoe
but s’posin’ you ain’t got a hoe, well look
Just put your stoutest boots on, and dig 'em with your toe
and " [something something something rhymes with look]

Which I was able to find a match for, by searching Google for “put your stoutest boots on”

with the last line being “theyll turn out just as tasty when theyre cooked!”

This person attributes the quote to himself, though. Which seems unlikely…

For some reason, I have it stuck in my head that it was a song in a musical/play about Davy Crockett. If that helps. Or gets you stuck too. I dont know.

Any ideas?

Could the song be either of these? The Sims Twins

jerseymule – nope, neither of those, but thanks for the suggestions. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner – I didn’t see this till now. I checked for replies for a few days, then assumed it had fallen too far off the main page for anybody to notice, and didn’t think it was worth bumping, so I’d pretty much given up on it.

If it was indeed part of some musical or play, I have a couple friends back home that I may see over xmas that may know. One or both of them will have likely been involved in the production (It most likely would have been a local community theater – basically the same players every show, give or take.)

What about Disney’s 1950’s Davy Crockett mini-series with Fess Parker as the title frontiersman? Is that far back enough in time that maybe the lyrics to some obscure song from one of the five episodes might not be transcribed somewhere on the Internet?

wow, so I am not the only one looking for this song?!?!

I remember it well, but cant find anything about it anywhere. I did a musical program in 6th grade with a Davy crockett theme, Meridian Elementary in Idaho, so who knows where the teacher got the songs and dances.

I have had no luck either.