Help me identify this story I never read in high school!

I had just started reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude and kinda just blew off this reading assignment. Fifteen years later, that little bit of brain spackle just sticks in the wall of my mind, y’know? Now I wanna read it.

It’s about a priest, who learns he’s going to die, and is given the advice to spend his last days with some native peoples… somewhere. He arrives where he’s going in a boat.

I remember one plot point beyond that from a class discussion: a funny scene where the priest is chased around his lodgings by a bear.

Can’t remember if this is a short story or novella.

It was around 1989 when I was given the assignment; my guess is that it was an older story written some time before that. Nope, don’t remember the textbook, either. Goes without saying I don’t recall the author. Doubt if it was Hemngway or London, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Okay, Dopers. Time’s a-wasting.

I didn’t read it either, but it kind of sounds like I Heard the Owl Call My Name.

From Amazon

Seem familiar?

I love this site. That’s it!

I read part of the first page from Amazon’s Search Inside This Book feature. The language is a lot more sophisticated than I remembered it, so now I’m wondering if what was in the textbook was some sort of Reader’s Digest Condensed version or something.

Thanks for clearing up that little mystery, Julius.