Help me identiy this actor/role.

I just watched Source Code. The actor who plays the lead scientist reminds me strongly of someone else, and I can’t place him. Physically very similar, except the one I’m thinking of has darker skin. I keep picturing him in a sort of Victorian looking outfit, wearing a white apron. In the picture in my mind, he’s turning around to face the camera, carrying something on a tray. I think the background is a kitchen or a lab. I am almost certain he has a British accent in this film. He is not the main character.

Sorry, haven’t seen the movie yet…

First of all, is the actor you’re talking about Jeffrey Wright?

No, Jeffrey Wright is the guy from Source Code. I checked IMDB and it’s not him.

Joseph Marcell played the butler on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You can find pictures of him by searching for his name.

Close, but not him.
I think he may have had a Steampunk-y thing over his right eye, going back over his head. Silver colored.
Wow, this is bugging me.

Yes, but for those of who have not seen the movie, we are trying to start with: Which actor fro Source Code are we supposed to be helping you with?