I've forgotten the name of a movie, please help?

I wish I had a better memory sometimes. I loved this movie, and if I could only remember the name I might buy it.

It’s a send up of those Jane Austin books and movies, where everyone is so proper and it involves a love plot and people with silly accents. It is hilarious! I don’t know why it hasn’t got much more attention than it has.

I’ve been looking all over for it. I don’t remember when I saw it, although it must have been perhaps five or so years ago, and it wasn’t particularly new then. I didn’t see it in the theaters.

The only line I remember, and this might not be enough to identify the movie, was when the mother figure asked the butler sternly “Have you been pissing in the soup again?” and the butler looked sheepish and allowed that maybe he had. It’s that kind of movie.

It was great. I’d love to see it again, if only I remember the name. I hope it’s still as funny.

I wonder if your movie might be Stiff Upper Lips.

I don’t think that’s it. I don’t remember Italy at all. It’s possibly my memory, like I said, I don’t remember anything other than the one line and that it was killingly funny. But the one you recommended looks good, so I’ll rent that next, thank you for trying!

Can you remember any details? Your description would fit several that I’m aware of, but none that jump out at me, either. I’m not a big fan of that genre but I have seen a few of the ones that are not outright parodies and sendups. However, without some notion as to who might be in it, I’m lost. Not that I could help anyway, but I feel you’re leaving too wide a universe to search through.

Well, that line (or a very similar one) does indeed come from Stiff Upper Lips.

See here.

"Those with a thin sense of humour should be warned that they may well be shocked at hearing the following dialogue between a frustrated butler whose staff has all been dismissed and his Ladyship:- “Your idiot family’s quite barking mad!”; “Hudson, is this why you’ve been urinating in the soup again?”; “There will be worse to come…in the main course…in the pudding if I don’t get a break!”
Incidentally, I found that page as result number 3 by Googling “in the soup again” butler.

Ah! I tried googling “pissing in the soup” and it didn’t work. Well, that does sound like that movie, so thank you all for helping! I wouldn’t mind hearing about other movies that are parodies of that style though, because I enjoyed that one so much.

I don’t even want to think about what sort of sick sites that search string turned up…

That line sounds awfully familiar. Was the butler played by Kevin Kline? If so, I’m certain the film is “Princess Caraboo” (1994). We have it on tape. Fits the Jane Austen description. (And that is spelled Austen, not Austin.)

Strangely just a bunch of blogs, which I was grateful for. You can imagine how desperate I was to try a general internet search for that string…

And of course it’s Austen! My dad’s middle name is Austin and I’m afraid that’s how I spell it by default.

Is it Jane Austen’s Mafia!, perhaps?

But was it “Princess Caraboo”? I’m too lazy to dig out the tape and fast-forward to the scene in question, but I’m sure I can envision it in my mind. Kevin Kline as the butler. I’ll bet this is it. (Based on a “true story,” but the real story is usually altered beyond recognition.)

It can’t be, because like I said in the op, this was at least five years ago. I think Colophon is right, because I believe that’s the exact phrasing of the line. But if you recommend that movie, I will go and check it out, because I do love movies like that. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

And after all that, I went to my local video store and they didn’t even have it! I’m getting more interested in going to Netflix all the time.

At least five years ago? Well, that fits. “Princess Caraboo” came out in 1994.

Blah. I’m brain dead. Don’t mind me. (2007 minus 1994 is…oh, my aching head)

Shall look for that, too, but I’m sure they don’t have it. Wankers.