Help me improve my radio reception!

I work in an office building. I purchased a cheap little radio so I could listen to Howard Stern at my desk. The problem is that I get extremely bad reception. Is there any way I can improve my reception?
It is a little $6.00 radio. My guess is that the headphone wires act as the antenna because playing with them can sometimes improve or worsen the reception. I was thinking about getting a headphone cord extender to see if that helps.
A few other facts…the first few times I used the radio I had old batteries in it that had already been used for a while. The reception has gotten worse since I put new batteries in it. Could it be some sort of electrical interference? Also, the weather is changing and it is colder here now. Could that be the problem? Finally, I don’t really get cell phone reception in here either. Do you think my building might just be a dead zone?
The last thing I could think of was to buy a better, bigger radio that might hopefully get better reception, but I’d rather not. Any ideas?

Okay. The real issue here is why do you want to listen to Howard Stern at all. :wink:

You can bring a larger radio (like a boombox) in to see if that helps. If it does, the antenna on the boombox is probably better than the one on your current radio. If there’s no difference, and your cell phone doesn’t get good reception, you’re probably working in a building that’s bad for radio reception. Don’t feel bad, lots of newer buildings are built that way.