Help me license the perfect song (need help fast!)

We need a song for a live event and website, and we’re willing to pay a few thousand dollars for the license.

It needs to be like an anthem but without the vocal track. The tone should be like the U2 song “Vertigo”.

The tricky part is we need to have this done by Monday morning.

So ideally we could locate the song in an online library or similar source that won’t require a whole attorney / license negotiation but rather just allows me to put in a credit card and get rights to perform the song. Does such a thing exist?


I’m not familiar with U2’s Vertigo, but you might try, a site with royalty-free music that you can download (but not free to download). You can find cuts of different lengths in almost any genre, and they are professionally produced.

ETA: I just played your Vertigo cut, and you might find similar ones in the Urban or Extreme Rock categories on, like this, called “Bad Dog”:

Ntracks is all-instrumental (Ntracks stands for Narrator Tracks, where you need something behind a narrator and vocals might conflict). You can play any cut to sample it before downloading or paying for it.

So, fighting ignorant, did you find what you needed?

I compose background music for use in video, multi-media, video games, and websites. PM me if you still need something…