Help me make fractals without a computer (need video cable help fast)

I’m trying to reproduce this video, where the instructions given are “Feed the output of a camera to three or more projectors…”

So far, I can feed the output of a computer to three or more projectors, and I can feed the output of a camera to one projector, but I can’t get a camera to output across 3 projectors.

The problem: the projectors can only be connected in series if the first one gets input from in VGA format. The camera only gives output in RCA Composite (the one always colored yellow). Although I can get the camera output onto one projector, the projector won’t send anything to other projectors.

I can’t seem to find any RCA Composite splitters with 1 female end, and 2 male ends. Nor can I find anything to RCA to VGA converters (all the ones I see, like this one, claim to go in the opposite direction–this seems odd to me, given that the input VGA is male, and the output RCA is female).

My goal is to get all the materials I need by Thursday. I hope to be able to get something shipped overnight to me soon.

I think you need a distribution amplifier, not a splitter. Here’s a good one that I use.

A distribution amp keeps the signal level constant while spread over multiple devices. A splitter will degrade the signal level each time it is split until it is no longer useful.

I’m a little uncertain how you want to connect these things, but this VGA to composite converter might be needed. It is cheap and has worked well for me.

You seem to be specifying connectors according to gender or type. This is not a consideration, as long as the signals don’t need any conversion. A connector to convert male to female or vice-versa is 35 cents at And any connector can be mated to any other kind if shape, gender and size are the only considerations.

I’m hoping to find a Composite to VGA converter (camera output is composite, projector input is VGA), but everything I can find describes itself as the opposite, VGA to Composite. Do converters work both ways?

If there’s nothing else, it looks like that distribution amplifier should work.

No. Here’s one. Composite in, VGA out.

The distribution amp that I linked to takes a composite video in and multiplies it out (RCA Phono connectors). If you don’t need the audio part of that amp, you should be able to find one that does video only.

BTW, I recommend for really good prices and good quality (cables, connectors, adapters, etc.). They ship from California, so take that into consideration.

This isn’t exactly what you are looking for but:

Radio Shack sells a composite/svideo to usb video capture device (Diamond). Read mixed reviews about it however.

The thing is, you could then use your computer screen to make the fractals. I’m sure you could find software to split the image into 4 identical images in each quadrant of your screen (if you can’t set it (multiple duplicate desktops on one monitor) up in video card properties).

As an aside, I wonder what can be said about the category of fractals which can be generated in this way? I’m thinking that the dimensionality might be a function of only the number of projectors used, but I’m not sure about that.

That looks good. I ordered one. Hope it works!

If that doesn’t work, couldn’t you go to a TV store and get the device they use to supply the same signal to all their TV sets at once?

That’s a distribution amplifier. See post #2.

Ah ok I learned something. Amazing how many things you know but don’t know the names of.

You don’t need three projectors, you just need a mirror.

Aim a camera at a monitor so you get infinite tunnels. Now position a mirror edge-on against the monitor. From the camera’s viewpoint, the mirror should reflect the infinite tunnel on the screen. Tilt and rotate it, zoom the camera in and out a bit, watch the fractals distorting.