Help me make good smoothies from my Ninja Blender

The Cups household was gifted with a shiny new Ninja blender for some smoothies. However, the first attempt at smoothies were an unmitigated disaster. We put in our frozen fruit, some ice and a wee bit o milk, but as soon as we started blending, all the fruit got kicked to the side of the blender and stuck there as the blades just turned. We then thought to add a bit more milk, which kinda worked, but we again had the smoothie just glue itself to the side of the container. Lastly we added a ton of milk, which allowed it to blend better, but it ended up with the smoothie tasting of, well, milk.

What’s the ratio of added liquid (milk? water?) to fruit, to ice that you’ve found works the best? I think we need more liquid to make it an actual drink, right? Or should the ice have done that? I’m so bad at stuff like this!

I have a ninja blender, and I just don’t find it ideal for truly blending things for the reasons you state. It’s more like a vertical food processor than a true blender that creates a vortex and sucks things down.

We make smoothies all the time at the Gargoyle house with a Ninja. It sounds like what you need is some kind of thickening base. We usually add a base (50% or so) of plain yogurt and tofu (the wiggly non-fried kind) along with the fruit. Also instead of ice, we freeze the fruit and/or the yogurt before blending.

Try this-

Ohhh, so if the fruit is already frozen, I don’t need ice?

Yes, using frozen fruit and frozen yogurt gives great results with no ice added. I haven’t tried it, but making a tray of milk-cubes may also work.

You will want to start keeping a stock of frozen ripe bananas. I cut them in half and sprinkle with Fruit Fresh before freezing. Put in half a frozen banana, about a cup of frozen berries, a carton of yogurt (plain or flavored). Add a little milk, sweetener of your choice, a little vanilla and I also like a sprinkle of cinnamon. Sometimes I add a few ice cubes.

ETA: as to the amount of milk, I fill the yogurt container with it. It helps to stop the blender periodically and push down with a rubber spatula.

I use whole frozen bananas, peel and all. The peel doesn’t add any distracting taste, but contains lots of nutrients. I also add a spoonful of lemon or lime Jello powder, which might help thicken it.

You might want to run tap water on your whole frozen banana, maybe five seconds, so that the paper-thin shiny outer layer of the peel comes off, which sometimes doesn’t completely blend, and leaves little bits of skin in the drink.

By “carton of yogurt” you mean one of the individual ones that you buy in a 6 pack or whatever right? Not, like, a whole friggin tub?

Yes, that’s right. I think they are usually 6-8 ounces.

Ah yes. We’re on the same page now. Just wanted to make sure before I just destroy the next batch with pure yogurt!

I also use frozen fruit. I mix it up though with fresh bananas. :stuck_out_tongue: Other ingredients are juice or milk, yogurt, and a whey protein powder. When I was younger, I used a raw egg, but health concerns and small kids led us to switch to the protein powder. My husband like adding some wheat germ for a little nutty crunch.