Recipe Corner - Liquidising Fruits

Nope, not a radical social policy proposal.

A beautiful Spring day ! – and a mans mind turns to healthy eating.

Went out and bought myself one of those new-fangled (to me) Blenders (the things that whirl around mashing up whatever you’ve fed into the goblet). I think we call them ‘liquidisers’ which sounds far more fun.

So, I’m now thinking about how to use the thing. I’m minded to start off with healthy fruit drinks………a little strawberry, a banana or two, add ice…that kind of thing. Bearing in mind the idea is ‘health’, has anyone any suggestions that don’t include lashings of double-cream and dollops of ice cream ?

D’ya think it’s capable of making a pint o’Guinness? I hear that’s good for you!

Throw in some dark-roasted malt and hop, add water, and BLEND. See what happens. :wink:

I’m beginning to understand how you and the Girliefriend got together in the first place (second from the left for those who don’t know).

Nice mantlepiece, Coldie. Did it come with the flat ?

1/2 cup low-fat silken tofu
1 banana
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp vanilla extracts
1/2 cup orange juice
5 or 6 cubes of ice cubes, crushed

Pulse until milkshake-like. The honey does something wonderful to take the edge off the tofu. And combined with the banana makes a creamy shake. This is the base recipe–good all by itself, or…add additional fruits and (1 tsp ea) other extracts and/or substitute a different kind of fruit juice. BTW, if you add frozen fruits, you don’t need the ice to chill it down.

Using pineapple juice instead of orange and adding coconut extract is great. Strawberries and raspberries are great to add as well.

Benefits–you get fresh fruits and lots of healthy soy protein (which is really big in health news lately). It also makes it easier for the lactose sensitive to enjoy a shake!


p.s. If you REALLY can’t stomach the idea of tofu, you can probably substitute a thick, non-fat plain yogurt.

Here is my basic recipe for fruit smoothies.

Fresh fruit of your choice, cut up and frozen
small amount of sugar or honey to taste
lowfat milk, yogurt or juice

loosely fill glass with fruit and cover with milk or juice
pour in blender and blend till smooth
That’s it.

If you are wanting a health drink, you can add protein powder.

The last time I made a smoothie, this is what I did:

– 2 kid-size containers of Danimals strawberry-vanilla yogurt
– Most of a pint of chopped up strawberries
– 1 kid-sized container of Sunny Delight (the kind that goes in a lunchbox)
– 2 full trays of ice cubes
– A handful of sliced-up mango (this being the only other fruit I had in the fridge)

Blend til smooth. If it’s not thick enough, add ice. If it’s too thick, dig up some more Sunny D. Serves at least 3.

Thanks for the input, Ladies ! Peta and The Mermaid (weren’t you a 60’s psychedelic band ?) – those recipe’s give me the base I need to start experimenting. Cheers !

racinchikki – Just not sure what ‘Sunny Delight’ might be. Sounds calorie intensive and I’m not sure we have it under that name here. Couldn’t see it in the supermarket last night, will try again.

Thank you all !!

Thanks for the giggle. If I ever start a band, I now have a name…

Sunny Delight is an orange (possible some other citrus flavor mixed in) drink–not to be confused with actual orange juice.