Help me make the next SDMB-ism

Something like TL;WD (too long, won’t debate)

You use it when debating a topic would be far too lopsided in wordcount to pursue.

I say “single stage painting a car is a bad idea.”

Someone says: “nuh uh”

I spend the next 4 paragraphs explaining my background and qualifications.

They say “nuh uh”

I spend 6 more paragraphs expounding on why I think so.

They say “nuh uh”
Well, enough. I’m sick of it. It makes an otherwise fun board and sucks the life out of the fun.

TL;WD says a couple of things:

  1. You may be right
  2. We’ll probably never see eye-to-eye and the calories spent trying to are wasted.
  3. It’s like surrendering a hand in Blackjack. I’ll walk away from the topic, you walk away from the topic, life goes on.

I’m not getting any younger, I’d just as soon not spend my last days on this planet debating needlessly.

obXKCD: xkcd: Duty Calls

And if you say “Nuh uh” in this thread, things may get stabby.

Maybe you should try a phrase like “spontenaiety is overrated”. And besides, I think there’s currently a Pit thread where TLWD would be perfect.

Well, nevertheless, I’ll have this thread. So I can post: