Help Me Move My Sister to New England!

Not sure if this is the right forum for this but since it involves museums, art, restaurants, etc. I thought it might.

  My sister and my best friend (I want him to move up too but he'll follow her if she comes, and she is the hard sell) are coming up in about two weeks to come stay with me in Providence, RI. I am trying to convince her to move to the area (New England at the worst, Providence/Boston is my goal) and need Doper's help. I have only been here a year and have barely gotten the hang of Providence, I haven't even begun to explore Mass. I need suggestions for places (within an hour of Providence if possible) that will impress her. 

I guess a description of her or what she might like would help. She is an interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg and would like to stay with a job in that sort of field if possible (this is the big one). The colonial thing is not just a job, she loves it and just kind of… fits? She belongs to some weird Pirate group that she had to be inducted into over a ridiculous amount of time; they sing sea shanties, are building a ship, and go to events in the VA/NC area. She also sings in an Irish band occasionally, singing is big for her. She is a vegetarian/vegan (she just got through with a year of treatments for Leukemia so I don’t know if she kept up with the Vegan end of things). She was raised Catholic and still clings to it but does also enjoy astrology/tarot cards/psychic kind of occult stuff, so certain stuff in Salem is definitely a possibility. She is also nearly bankrupt from all the medical bills this year, so on the cheap is best if possible.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum and for all the parenthesises. Thanks in advance for the help!

You need to check out Sturbridge Village. And Plymouth, of course.

I think you’ll have better luck in IMHO, so I’ll move it there.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

There are plenty of interpreter jobs in the area, but I don’t know how ewell they pay. elfkin already mentioned Sturbridge and Plymouth Plantation. But there are several period houses in Salem, MA, for instance, including the little-known Pioneer Village there. And there are Shaker Villages in Canterbury and Enfield, N.H., and the bits at the Fruilands Museum in Harvard. There are historical houses like the Alcott House and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s in Concord, MA.
There’s a Piratew Festival that used to be held in Salem every year, but they moved it elsewhere last year (It’s still going on), and there are SCAs in several towns and colleges.

Also, try finding an Irish bar that has traditional Irish music sessions. The only one I know of is the Burren, in Somerville (just north of Boston, on the subway line and part of the Boston urban area), but I’m sure there are more, probably one somewhere in Providence.

In addition to Plimoth and Sturbridge Village, there is sea-related historical activity in Mystic, but your sister must already know about this.