Help me name last night's dinner

It might already have a formal name, but I felt like I was improvising when I threw it together.

On Saturday I grilled some chicken thighs and drumsticks for dinner, of which there were two of each leftover. So last night I put some potatoes on to boil, and while that was happening I shredded the meat from the chicken bones.

I mashed the potatoes with salt, pepper, butter, olive oil and milk, then mixed the chicken in. I also stirred in a can of green beans, dumped it into a casserole dish, covered it with shredded cheddar/jack cheese, and heated it through in the oven.

Now, what do I call it? If I had done it with, say, ground beef, I’d probably call it a shepherd’s pie (but I also would have had the meat and vegetables under the potatoes, instead of mixed in). It’s kinda like the Moa Ta Haari described on this menu here, but flavored with barbecue sauce instead of coconut milk. But I don’t know if this is already a thing, or if I need to make up a name for it.

Jack. Or Mike.


In the midwest, they’d call it hot dish, but usually you’d use tater tots rather than real potatoes.

Heh. That specific meal, I called “Bruno” (because it was Sunday. Never mind, the algorithm is too difficult for me to explain). I’m asking for suggestions for the dish in general.

Pullet Surprise

Dead Pullet’s Variety.

Nah, close.

Dead Pullet’s So-Saucy.