Help me name my freelance business.

Lots of nice choices there. Of course, be sure to check that any appealing name isn’t taken already – if you google some of the suggestions you’ll see that the more obvious ones may be registered.
My business name - Coherent Text - came from a surprising source: my husband. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a literate guy. But he doesn’t have any particular interest in English, much less linguistics, so was probably unaware of how well that name works not just on the obvious level but on a more academic level as well.

Good luck!

I’ve always had a half-baked idea that if I went freelance, I’d call myself

Excellent Writing & Design
Ellen Cherry, prop.

But since I’ve never done it, I never did. You’re welcome to it. :wink:

The Translator
-from inanity to lucidity-

Oh, believe me, I know. As I said in the OP, I’m still in the research/thinking phase of this whole possible venture, but decided to skip to the “fun part” for a while. :slight_smile:

Yep; see post #19.

Hmm, I don’t think that “Excjennyt Writing & Design” has quite the same ring to it. :smiley:

Aside from the fact that I’m not trying to insult my clients before they even hire me, I’m not offering translation services. But thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah I knew it was too condescending for anyone to actually use; what can I say–I’m a terminal wise ass. And the part about translating was a reference to the gap between the writing of an average person and a pro. :wink:

Aaaah, I see. :slight_smile:

Though true (and I frequently refer to my technical writing work as “translating” from software developer to English), if I have that in my business name many people might expect me to offer, say, translation as one of my services. :wink:

A few ideas:

Edited Highlights

The Prose (Why use the amateurs when you can use The Prose?)

Dot the I’s (although you will immediately hit a stumbling block with that apostrophe! It shouldn’t really be there but if you don’t use one it looks like “is”.)

Just Your Type

I’d avoid any pun on “write/right” – too hackneyed.

You can borrow the name from a body-shop in Macon GA that I always thought had a catchy name:
(“if God had used us, there wouldn’t be translation errors”)

I just did some brainstorming, and I really like one of the ideas I came up with. I’m interested in finding out whether y’all agree with me about my favorite. :slight_smile: Here’s the list:[ul][li]Letter Perfect[/li][li]LetterWorks[/li][li]First Emendment[/li][li]Wolfpack Writing Works[/li][li]Blue Pencil Services[/ul][/li]What do you think?

I like Blue Pencil Services, so long as you have blue pencils to pass out to customers.

Bespoke Robust Dynamic Solutions Ltd.
Actually Blue Pencil is a good one.

And that “I” isn’t even dotted!

My Technical Writing Staff

I was going to suggest Blue Pencil, but…

-It has negative connotations (censorship)
-It’s already in use by a couple of different companies

How about just calling it Veridical ?

-it ties in nicely with your tag line.

Perspicuous Prose
“Say what you mean.”

Scrutable Words
“Mean what you say.”

And for Simpsons fans: Can I Borrow a Meaning?

My Technical Writing Staff, +2 vs. Typoes.

Clarity Ink

Aww, man, no one picked my favorite! :frowning: :smiley:

I like “First Emendment” – except when I hear it in my head there’s an “s” at the end, so “First Emendments.”

I said it out loud to a co-worker today, though, and it sounds kind of odd … and, she got momentarily confused about which amendment was about guns. grin But I really like the idea of using “emendment(s)” in the name.

My hope is that I won’t actually see most of my clients, because everything will be done electronically. That said, if someone nearby wanted to meet with me I’d certainly be open to it. No pencils, though. :wink:

Because it took me a minute to figure out how to even say that word, and then I had to look up its definition? :smiley: No obscure words in the name, please. grin

Technically, it’s better suited to the “mean what you say” concept: “say what you mean” is clarity; “mean what you say” is honesty. :slight_smile:

You’ll forever be correcting the spelling (or seeing it misspelled), because people will hear it (or transcribe it in their heads) as “First Amendment.” May be a stumbling block if you get the domain name. Just a caveat.