Brainstorm my Screename

I’ve decided that I’m going to subscribe to this board, but I need a better screename (this one having been chosen so I could participate in one specific thread).

So lets brainstorm. To start you off, consider the following:

Stanley Morgan
Timothy, oh leery!
Paradox’s liar

Are you male or female? If female, I think Crumpet Strumpet would be excellent. If you’re a dude, how about Earl Grey ?

I predict that someone will come in and suggest Toast Museum.


Small British Shop Owner…

Small British Shop Owner

Sma Brit Sh O

Sma Sh O Brit

Ah hah! I dub thee, Smasho Brit!

**Little Bit ** to Cockney rhyme with Brit? :wink:

Petite English Proprietor

Quaint English Merchant

This raises a point that needs clarification: is it you or the shop that’s small?


Brit o Mart

Playing with SBSO:


**Osmium Panda

Electro-Mechanical Serpentine

Captain Jetpack

Not Biggles**

fists full of fudge

That’s the kind of thing they get up to in Wigan perhaps…

To everyone else: Cheers for suggestions, I’m looking for a name nothing to do with my current one (like Bosda mentioned).


I think you’d make a great Captain Jetpack.


silicon corn basket



I was recently thinking of the book Go Ask Alice and realized that by keeping the letters of the title in order, the phrase could be recast as Goa Ska Lice. So that’s the user name I’ll be suggesting in these threads until someone takes me up on the suggestion.

While I love Captain Jetpack, I’d suggest any of the names from the famous MST3K episode “Space Mutiny”

“Big McLargehuge” is my favorite.

Slab Bulkhead
Fridge Largemeat
Punt Speedchunk
Butch Deadlift
Bold Bigflank
Splint Chesthair
Flint Ironstag
Bolt Vanderhuge
Thick McRunfast
Blast Hardcheese
Buff Drinklots
Trunk Slamchest
Fist Rockbone
Stump Beefknob
Smash Lampjaw
Punch Rockgroin
Buck Plankchest
Stump Chunkman
Dirk Hardpec
Rip Steakface
Slate Slabrock
Crud Bonemeal
Brick Hardmeat
Whip Slagcheek
Punch Side-iron
Gristle McThornbody
Slate Fistcrunch
Buff Hardback
Bob Johnson (no, wait…)
Blast Thickneck
Crunch Buttsteak
Slab Squatthrust
Lump Beefbroth
Touch Rustrod
Reef Blastbody
Big McLargehuge
Smoke Manmuscle
Beat Punchbeef
Hack Blowfist
Roll Fizzlebeef

You already have a name with an account, so the you’ll have to ask TubaDiva to change the name for you. You can’t just sign up under a different name.

I think your current name is a good one for this board, so maybe wait to change it. You won’t get to change it in a month again if you don’t like the new one.