The Unused User Name Repository

Help stomp out thye "bob31355"s and the “JulieA416”, and help me come up with a list of interesting/colorful/insane user names for newbies to choose from. All contributions must follow the rules of the SDMB, and must not be one used in the past or the present. New names only, folks!

Let me start with Rock Paperscissors, The Great Divine, and Bananas Foster(and I’m shocked that this one hasn’t been grabbed after all these years.)

Who I’d be if I registered today: Harold Trumpets

From my kindergartner’s current favorite joke: Under Where?

I’m fond of downgraded versions of “The Great”: The Adequate Santini, Catherine the Pretty Good, The Fair-to-Middling Oz, etc.

Mine Campfire

Physician’s Assistant Who

Skittlebräu or really any reference from that show.

There’s been a Rock Lobster, but no
Paper Tiger or
Scissors Lizard.

Then we turn them loose in Great Debates.

Not here, but I had it for a City of Heroes character. (His superpowers mostly involved giant flaming bananas, and arose from being possessed by the little known Loa of Dessert.) Hey, there’s one–Giant Flaming Banana. Or add an “s” and make it a band name.

(The member list being disabled really slows down name checks, BTW.)

I’d go with poorly spelled food items:

  • Kreamed Korn
  • Spinitch
  • Bakon 'n Egz

Chicken of Bristol

Triton Jaded
Ed A. Mommy
Wooden Nickel
Not This Record
Barf Lie

That one’s not available, I believe.

Stolen from the title of this recent thread- Ravaged By Evil Cuteness


Damn, I think I want that one.

Excellent! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you an architect or surgeon?

James Tiberius Klink

Just immortally opinionated.

In another thread, I saw the acronym FLACOD. It took me a while to hunt down its meaning: the Flaming Commode of Death. Now THAT’S a great user name.



I don’t think SADJKLGSADI9SD has been taken yet.

Don’t you mean taken out and shot? :wink:

Ooo Mommy!

Amatalia Watt-Ammaghanadu, or her brother Telly

Elvis Mostel

Pappy Yon

Helen Gone

Horrendo Revolver

Philip McCup

Anita Nothershot