Those old username suggestion threads...

Since we’re gonna have an influx o’newbies here purt quick and because search is SO not working for me, does anybody have a link to some of those old threads?

Alternately, go ahead and post your clever username ideas here so they’ll have something to work with in the meantime!

Me, I got nothin’…

Actually, I Got Nothin’ would be a pretty good name at that!

Kid Pork Whoa

Oracular Snails

Can anyone tell what webcomic I’ve been reading?

Did anyone ever claim Toast Museum?
I always liked that one.

Reckless Incendiary Anecdote

Yup, and got banned too. Shame.

Here’s one of the past threads that I started. There are some really good ones in there.

Thanks, Cookies, you rock and stuff!

Paige Turner
Boy Howdy
Rock Hudsucker
World Wide Whirlwind