Your favorite usernames

I was just thinking about Internet usernames today, and I flashed back to a user I chatted with on some of the boards I knew before this place.

His name? boogersnax.
His sig? “Creamy or chunky”

boogersnax was a pretty decent and intelligent poster, too, before one of the right-wing loony mods banned him for “talking back”. I still miss him, and I still laugh out loud whenever I think of his name.

I actually thought about taking over his name, but I decided against it, because (a)It would be wrong and (b)It’s hard enough to be taken seriously with a name like Linty Fresh.

On this board, I’d have to say that my favorite nic’s are a tie between The Sausage Creature and Woodstockbirdybird (I was a huge Peanuts fan as a kid.).

So what are your favorite usernames on this board or anywhere else?

FireUnderpantsBoobs no longer posts here, and I liked to think he/she was actually Bill Clinton.

PurpleCrackWhore was another favorite name.

Is it okay if I’m merely intrigued by the name without any idea what it means?

Exapno Mapcase.

And an honorary mention to Qadgop the Mercotan.

I tend to like the ones like that refer to things I like.
Elendil’s Heir, Qadgop the Mercotan, eleanorigby, Susie Derkins and well he’s back.
There are several others but these came to mind quickly.


It’s an English phonetic rendering of “Harpo Marx” as it appears in the Cyrillic alphabet.

I like Finnagain, because I’m nuts about Joyce, too.

I always liked Kn(*)ckers She would always close her posts, well most posts, with her name and something related to the thread replacing the ***** in the ( ).

Besides which, I just liked her. She was good people.

Kn(remembering her user name fondly)ckers


The only ones that spring to my mind are iamthewalrus(:3= and Oakminister.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever talked to either of them, but the former always makes me smile and the latter is aesthetically pleasing to me. Oh, and SurrenderDorothy is cool too. It’d make such an awesome band name.

I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting as well. v:)v

GOYOUBIGREDFIREENGINE will always top my list. Ale, Uncle Beer, Regallag the Axe (although I wish he would more consistently respond to threads with his viking persona; I find it very funny when he does.)…

There are many good pun names and several of a decidedly Discordian bent that I enjoy.

Oh, and I almost forgot The Grapist. It was a truly dreadful idea that was actually very funny. He deserved his banning, though.

FUP changed her name to AwSnappity. She has apparently left our ranks, however, as her last board activity was on April 26.

I just came in to say that Linty Fresh is the best username ever! :smiley:

Although I’m also a fan of Terrorcotta.

Susie Derkins , I always loved Calvin and Hobbes and it’s a great character

Left Hand of Dorkness , I laugh aloud almost every time I read the name

Antigen , just 'cause

LefthandOfDorkness, ShirleyUjest, and the OPs username never fail to bring a smile to my face.

I’ve always liked Hilarity N. Suze.

Go You Big Red Fire Engine
Amazon Floozy Goddess

you with the face (my favorite)

Which reminds me – foxymoron always makes me smile. It’s delightfully multidimensional.

Me, too. That’s why I love the usernames Inigo Montoya, C K Dexter Haven, and Roger Thornhill.

Interesting, the first two are from two of my favorite movies but I had to look up Roger Thornhill, I never made the connection.

Thank you for that,

Forgot him and RTFirefly. :smack:

Parkovmademedoit. On some old game forum.

Wartime Consignori

i love me, vol.1