Favourite usernames

Mine are Eats Crayons and dorkusmalurfusmafia (is that right?) coldfire yojimboguy and BZ00000.

What are yours?

Oh and poopachalupa!

dorkusmalorkusmafia is a dorky name. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am partial to Sue Dunhym. I said it aloud and finally got it one day.

PS. Glad you like my name.

Sue has commented in the past that it’s too hard to get (because people don’t sound it out), such that she wished she’d made it a little closer to phonetic spelling.

My vote goes to the one you can read upside down, but I forget how it goes … anyone know who I mean?

dorkusmalorkusmafia, just out of curiosity, where the hell did you come up with that name? Assuming, of course, that it isn’t an actual secret criminal organization that you belong to?

Oh, and FTR, my favorite username is, and always will be, FireUnderpantsBoobs.

Death Llama and Uncle Beer have always stuck out in my mind. Also, I suppose it’s my Tech Support roots that make me fond of the name Quasimodem.

<sniffle> no one loves me…

I’ll second that :smiley:

Yours is way too hard to type; however, it is one of my faves.

Every time I see your handle, I think of the deep-fried Snickers I had at the Minnesota State Fair this summer.

El Yummo.

I like you deepfried.
However, the very best username possible is Meatros :slight_smile:

Just within this thread I see some usernames that amuse the heck out of me… pollo boyo (chicken boy) and Gazelle from Hell.

There’s too many to list really.

I’m a big fan of the name Devil’s Advocate. That cat seems to live up to the name.

DaLovin’ Dj

I always think that Meatros should be UN General Secretary Meatros-Meatros Golly.

And FTR I got Sue Dunhym the first time I saw it. Others have snuck up on me over time.

I was a fan of Canthearya’s before the name change. Of course before I said it aloud I thought it was a literary reference that I had missed. I kept perceiving it as ‘kanth-haria’ for some odd reason. Damn my feeble American brain.

“…And as Canthearya hefted the mighty blade toward the oncoming armies of dark sausages…”

Polloy Boyo, you crack me up.

Dark sausages?

::thinking of El Hubbo’s Polska Kielbasa::

Yeah, I can see that. :smiley:

Sorry Pollo Boyo. Got it right that time.

Pshaw. That’s no biggie. I’m just glad to be on the team. :smiley:

True that.

I like Sue’s name too.

Incidently Meatros comes from an ancient Greek hero. Meatros, the valiant. He slew magic beasties and wondered far away lands in search of food. His name means “one who is enlightened in the meat”.

At one point in his madcap adventures, he hooked up with Hercules and took on the fearce dreaded Vegitarianus, a creature with the ungodly ability to make men and women feel bad about eating animals. The creature had set upon our brave hero’s and all looked grim. Hercules was being force fed soy-burgers and was about to vomit, when all of a sudden-like a thunderclap, Meatros stood up and declared “I’m not going to take it!”

With that, he opened his mighty mouth and spewed forth tenderloins, porkchops, and a variety of other tasty morsels. Vegitarianus was overwhelmed with desire, it’s salivatory glands began pumping out fluid in overdrive.

Meatros used this pause to his advantage, he quickly gathered the creature up and chained it to a wall. Imprisoned, with tasty vittles all around it, Vegitarianus frothed at the mouth. The liquid from it’s salvatory glands filled a vast cavern, which today is the meditarian sea.

emerges from lurkerdom

no its not that, its just that your name is friggin hard to spell!

goes back into the cold darkness to lurk once again