Favourite usernames

Another one for FireUnderpantsBoobs

Even though I tend to sound out names, it still took me awhile to get Sue’s name.:smack:

Okay, ThatGuyWithPants just made the list.

Tears. Rolling down face. Sides. Heaving. Gut. Clenching.

I never knew laughing could hurt so good.

Meatros, you should start a “Get Your Fable Here” thread. That was high-larious!

Mwuhahahah. Wouldn’t you like to know?

It is either a vast conspiracy to slowly turn the nation into a bunch of dorky kids who are bad at sports and cry when they get hurt or it is a musical band of likeminded individuals headed by their king (name not put in to protect the innocent…I am sure some of the people here can join the posse). :stuck_out_tongue:

Or perhaps I just made it all up.

Thank you to all that have not berated against my impossible to write UName. For what it is worth, I have no problem being referred to as “DeepFried” without the freaky font. I think I have mentioned before that I pasted it as my UName because my adorable neice created it for me and I am a sentimental fruitcake…
That being said I have a new favorite ThatGuyWithPants

::::::: PRIDE::::::: does the Church Lady “Superior Dance”

My nominees are:
Crunchy Frog – marvelously descriptive.
The LoadedDog – because it reminds me of someone’s post about the Kitty Canon[sup]TM[/sup]

Can I Eat Crayons and Join the Dorkusmalorkus mafia at the same time?

I think that if you Eat Crayons you have joined the Dorkusmalorkusmafia.

I just might change my user name to * runs with scissors * to get noticed around here…:::sob:::::

Surely, you jest!

I’m thinking I just might change mine… it makes me sound like a little depressed goth girl who sits and writes dreary poetry all day-- and that SO not me at all. I just dunno what I should change it to… maybe I’ll start a thread. :wink:

I’ve always liked the names Obsidian Flutterby and Rue DeDay.


Upside down it’s Spellbound. Good guy too.

I was always partial to woodstockbirdybird. He doesn’t come around much anymore.

I like mine. That’s why I picked it. And I like Uncle Beer, too. It makes me think of a guy who’d answer “'bout beer thirty” when asked for the time.

I like mine too!

Oh, and Deep Fried’s username can annoy me sometimes when I was browsing Japanese web pages. It will show up rather oddly, and I have to guess whom decided their username should be a bunch of boxes! Nothing to do with the person though.

Snap! I came in here pretty much just to mention Eats_Crayons as being probably my favourite username.

FireUnderpantsBoobs seems to be top of the list, but I’ll add my vote anyway. I also like Typo Mna.

Satan was a cool one, too.

My favorite username is Cajun Man. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a fan of Rue’s name as well - but I like his kid’s names better. Soupo and Katcha.

Winston Smith is a good name, as is glee - I always think of some short fella with a baseball cap on grinning (almost literally) from ear to ear as he types.

YappingPoodle is pretty good - kind of annoying though. :wink:

Ok, I give…

I get most of them but, ** Typo Mna ** has me baffled still. I know yall want to fight my ignorance and explain it to me, so go ahead.

Tip of my knee?
Type of minnow?
Type of money?

Help, please.