funny user names

I saw a couple good ones today


Milk Milk Lemonaide

Among MANY other fabulous names, fizzygoodmakefeelnice cracks me up every time I see it!

i like buh-buh-buh-bacon!

Howard Juneau is a funny one.

Enola Straight!

SCREW the land of “Milk and Honey”! I want Beer and Beef Jerky!

i’mthecowgodmoo is still my favorite, hands down.


I know I’m forgetting some.

Shut The Fuck Up Donny!


ThatGuyWithPants, and of course, as mentioned by lieu, the infamous Shut The Fuck Up Donny.

Look!ninjas and 7 up yours are among the most humorous user names here

I think seal_clubber changed his name to seal_cleaner. Although the search turned up a seal_clubber2. I liked the original too, though.

I like the name ThatGuyWithPants, and wasn’t there someone named Holy Shit, I Like Pie?

Whack A Mole

Yeah, I kinda miss the old handle.
But, of course, I got pie.

look!ninjas is a pretty cool one but the bestest best name is aaaaaarrgg

whuckfistle cracks me up when I see it.

I still miss FireUnderpantsBoobs

owlofcreamcheese made me laugh when I first saw it. I figure it means “I love cream cheese.” Count me in on whuckfistle, too.

Big fan of Satisfying Andy Licious, and his posts are pretty good too.

Oh, also owlstretchingtime.

Not on this board, but somewhere else on the 'net I saw someone with the handle: DrMcNinja

The mental image of an Irish ninja in medical school pleased me verily.