Brainstorm my Screename

Who would dare? Who?

bumhole bonanza

Plenny O’Cox

stinking discharge

I love these :smiley:

Sweet Mama Cushaw.

It’s a kind of winter squash (cushaw is a type, and ‘Sweet Mama’ a particular cultivar), and as of now it will be my standard username suggestion until someone adopts it.

Dunno if the :wink: indicates that this is a reference of some sort that I just don’t get…

If not, this is my favorite. Why not have a screename that contains excellent advice?

(ugh, god…it is a reference isn’t it? help me)

Well, Kneepants, I am a limey :wink:

Plastic Psycho
Virulent Affliction
Malingnant Coffee
Vociferous Plant
Sgt Sasquatch
Knickers full of Pennies
Dry Tortugas
Bread Mold
Whiskey a Go-Go
Sick Angel
Frog Hair

Hmmm. Alright, then.

Wasn’t thinking in that direction.


Go for it! But “limey” is a bit of a pejorative, isn’t it? Hmmmm.

Madcap Platypus

Bad Clap Platypus.
That dirty, dirty platypus.

Guy. British Guy.

You want my Xbox Live screenname.

Dixon Tufar.

Edited to add: “Howie Feltertits”?

these boards already have an Inigo Montoya. I’d always thought it’d be cool if we also had a Dread Pirate Roberts or a Dread Pirate (insert your favorite name here)**
We also have
Least Original User Name Ever
Most Creative User Name Ever

How about
Insert User Name Here

<----already have one of those

For the record, the wink was to indicate that it wasn’t meant as a pejorative. Hopefully no offense was taken.

I said we already have one - I was just continuing a theme
or do we already have “Insert User Name Here”?

Yeah, the second one. I couldn’t find the carat on the keyboard to point the arrow up.
Bad Trevor.

nope, we don’t.
we have
**User Name
Rally’s Friend
User Name or user name
Generic User Name
Least Original User Name Ever
This is the musical user name
[No User Name
All my user names are taken
nominal user name
user name witheld
Last available user name left
Most Creative User Name Ever
but no
Insert User Name Here
nyah :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I coulda sworn to got we had one…I swore I saw one in one of those Doper sibling threads.

Hmph. I’m right, dammit! pout

Johnny Pepsicola