Should I change my Screenname?

I have concluded my screenname sucks.

I have a list of possible replacements:

Enola Straight
Vulcan Jedi
Crumb Snatcher
Barrel Man
Extreme Sanction

Your pick?
Your suggestion?

Chicken of Bristol

Hey. Somebody had to be first

Riding Underwear.
Junkyard Willie (Simpsons reference).

Damn, I never get here in time to suggest Chicken of Bristol.

Oboy! The Second Annual Let’s Rename A Poster Who Didn’t Learn Her/His Lesson From What Happened To Czarcasm! Contest! :slight_smile:

BTW, another vote for Chicken Of Bistol.
If not that, then Comphy Chair.

Although I think the next person to open a thread suggesting changing his/her name should be forced to change it to Chicken of Bristol, here’s some other suggestions:

Raymond Luxury-Yacht
Throat Warbler Mangrove
Michael Ellis
Bicycle Repairman
Mr. Praline
Dead Parrot

I just recently bought the DVD box set of all Monty Python’s Flying Circus BBC episodes, so I could go on all day with this if you force me to.

Hey, how 'bout;

The Master
Hari Seldon
Quantum Man

Elian O. Cooper.

'Cuz that’s what I keep reading it as. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love you.
Oh, my suggestion? Frog à la Peche.

I would like to change my name too, but now…I’m afraid to ask–what happened to Czarcasm? What’s with the Chicken of Bristol, not that it isn’t a charming name. Please help the lame “newbie” understand the in joke.
I like “Meathead,” speaking of chicken. I’ve just read Gilgamesh, so “Enkidu” seems like a cool name for a guy.
“Smoothie the Blotto Castrato?”
“Slartibartfast” “SexyRexy” “Teiresius” (sp?)
I don’t know anything about you so that’s the shotgun approach to naming.

Sorry. You can’t have that one. There’s already at least one of those roaming about.



I like “Furvert.” It’s fun to say and it makes me think of those guys in the news recently for really liking fur.

Turd Furgeson.

It kind of bothers me that I found it so funny. But Enola Straight is hilarious.

Czarcasm used to be Slythe and during his thread for suggestions, there was a huge campaign for Chicken of Bristol by the Monty Python fans on the board. Now it is customary to suggest it any time someone starts a What should I change my name to? thread.

I love it! It’s a bit long so you just may want to go with The Blotto Castrato. It will definitely get you noticed. If you do decide to change it (to anything) e-mail Tuba Diva as she is the official name changer person.

Oh…and send chocolate.

With all those bolds I shoulda known I would have screwed it up.

Anyway, I agree with JonathanEnola Straight is damn funny.

Technically, it started with me and evilbeth.

When I changed my name and it took a Monty Python turn, evilbeth suggested Chicken of Bristol. It came down to a choice between my current name and Chicken of Bristol. I did not put the decision to a vote, and chose my current name. To make up for the rejection of evilbeth’s name, we started suggesting Chicken of Bristol in every name-changing thread, before Czarcasm put his name change up to a vote.

Czarcasm’s thread got the name the most notice, however.

Czarcasm’s thread from January
Thea Logica’s thread from last October
Athracite’s suggested names for newbies thread, also from October 2000
This thread has evilbeth’s original suggestion from when I changed my name, a little over a year ago.