Hypothetical: Who are you, again?

The word has come down From On High that all posters must choose a new user name, and it can’t be a variation or respelling of their old name. What name would you choose?

I would be A. Nonny Mouse.

Since I assume all and any names are open (since everyone has to change), I’d go with Syntax Error since I use that on some other forums.



Ummm…sounds like a variation of your old name, doncha think?

All names are open…except for ones already used on this board. No trading name I’m afraid. If you only used it on other boards, then o.k.

Her Exalted Grand Niceness

Because I’m nice, dammit. :smiley:

Charter Schmember.

well, you know

BTW, when I said that you can’t use names of other posters, I meant just that…which means that if you can show that someone registered but never posted the name is up for grabs. :smiley:

I have a horrible affliction–a fondness for puns and wordplay and spoonerisms and such. So every time I see a post by a certain Doper, I think of “cunning roach.” So I’d go with that.


Call me New Jet.

I’m a guitar player. When I joined, my first choice was Stratocaster, which was already taken, of course. I figured I like rattlesnakes, no one will want to be a rattlesnake on this board, so Crotalus was my second choice.

A few years after I joined, I went to see a friend play at a bar with his band, and he had this Les Paul-looking thing that I had never seen, a Gretsch New Jet. I became intrigued by the guitar, did some research, found that they had only been made for a couple of years in the early oughts, that only about 800 had been built, and tracked one down and bought it. It’s a pro-quality guitar and I like the tone. I think what I most enjoy about it is that people who should know what it is, like vintage guitar dealers, have never heard of it.

So I would pick New Jet.

O.K. if we call you “Ted”? :wink:

I could go with the plain vanilla “Hutch” that I use elsewhere, or (more likely), I’d stick with the SF field with either Dominic Flandry or Kimball Kinnison.

PaulaO cuz that’s my first name and last initial

Maybe I’ll be “Edit Window.”

Martin Mertens

It took me a minute. Please, not Ted New Jet!

I’d stick with my Star Wars theme. Maybe Corellian Nerfherder.

The real Donald Trump. :eek::smack:

“Random Poster” - call me Randy for short