Help Me Name My Podcast!

A friend of mine has suggested that he and I do a podcast of movie reviews, since we tend to have rather, uh, blunt takes on movies (“That thing fuckin’ sucked!” or “See it for the boobies!” for example.), which no one else seems to do. The format we’re planning on using for the podcast is this:

Segment 1: Trailer Talk
In this portion, we’d rag on or praise the movie trailers that ran before the film we saw. (“30 minutes of trailers before the movie and all of them sucked!”)

Segment 2: Movie Review
Here, we’d talk about the movie that we saw, praising the film if we liked it, questioning the parentage of everyone involved with the film if we hated it (or insulting the hell out of one another if we have opposite views of the film).

Segment 3: Rotating Segment
In general, this would be a review of something on DVD, be it a movie or TV series. Each podcast would have a different theme for this segment which would be one of the following:[ul]
[li]Dirty Old Man Movie: i.e. watch it for the “eye candy”[/li][li]Fucked Up Films: Totally bizarre films that will unhinge most people[/li][li]No ‘Effin’ Way: Horridly bad movies that should be avoided at all costs[/li][li]Favored Flicks: Movies that we like[/li][li]Vote to Inflict: Movies in current release or on DVD that we wouldn’t normally want to see, but based on the results of a poll, we watch and review.[/li][/ul]He and I have tried to think of a name for the podcast, but so far, haven’t come up with anything with the right “zing” to it, so I put it to you folks to come up with something. We’re both rather curmudgeonly, and rather graphic in our descriptions of movies, so a title which conveyed that in a short, pithy manner would be ideal.

Droolin’ Reviews.

Grumpy Old Smart-asses

Definately, the direction we want to go. If there was some way to work in a reference to Waldorf and Statler (the old coots in the balcony on The Muppet Show), it’d be perfect.

I suggest Just What the Internet Needs: Two More Douchebags Mouthing Off About Movies. It’s a little long, but it captures the essence.

That or Film Chat.

Grumpy Old Smart-asses At The Bijou?

flicked off in the balcony

Reel truth.

Reel Sharp Reviews.

Reel Blunt Reviews.

Reel Barbs.

(Tag: Too reel reviews by two real guys.)

Too Reel (too be true).

Reel Guys.

Reel Fire.

Reel Tongues of Fire!

Balcony Coots

Cheers and Catcalls

Hey you kids, get off my screen!

Throwing Popcorn
Any way to work your boardname into it?

Edited to remove obvious evidence that I neglected to read the OP all the way to the end.

Statler and Waldorf Ride Again?


“Help me name my truck/dog/house/podcast…”

Dave. Always Dave.

Discount Matinee

Anyone else initially read this as “Discount Manatee”?

This one’s my favorite. I like it better than my own idea, which is “Two Thumbs Up Yours.”

How about Stale Popcorn and Fresh Mouths?


I like that, but my buddy would have “issues” with that title.

I like Tuckerfan.

See, there’s a few things out there that don’t HAVE to be named after what they are, they’re iconic. If you’re gonna transcend the genre, you’ve gotta have the balls to say: does movie stuff, but you’d never know it, unless you’re cool.

Ain’t no rockets or booms in rocketboom.

Yeah, I didn’t really think it fit your show, but I couldn’t resist posting it.