Help me name my zombie virus or bacteria

In my basement lab, I have created a virus (or bacteria; I’m not picky) that causes zombism. (Zombieism?)

I need a scientific name for it. Also a catchy popular name.

I turn to the Dope’s inventive minds.

(This is for the game Pandemic: we’ve bought Petri dishes to store the disease markers and we want to label the Petri dishes, because, you know…science.)

Actually, bonus points if you want to offer creative names for the red, yellow, and blue disease markers, too. The black ones are of course the zombie plague.

Vigormortis. Or if you prefer vigormortitis.

encephalophagic fever

Scientific name: Romero Pestis

Popular name: Undaedalus

Pseudothanatos pestis
has a nice ring to it - literally “plague of false death”

And I love snfaulkner’s “Encephalophagic fever” for the common name

For the win. We are all playing for second place now. :slight_smile:

What do i win? A petri dish?

Unnnnnhfluenza. slow moan on that first part

Patient zero.

Redivivus reanimator


Farnsworth Fever, after the supposed inventor of the television.

Popular name? The Dopes.