Help me overcome two of my toilet neuroses

  1. The Hidden-Camera Neurosis

I search obsessively for spy-cameras - on the ceiling, behind the cistern, under the basin - before I can use the toilet.

What I want to know is, is there any basis for my paranoia? Does anyone have any information on whether these are actually in use? And what would the legal position be (I can imagine some companies trying to justify cameras on the grounds of preventing vandalism, sex or even (God forbid!) smoking).
2. The Trapped-In-An-Automatic-Self-Flushing-Toilet Neurosis

Fairly self-explanatory, but in case you haven’t come across these, they are the ones where the door shuts automatically, and, after you leave, the entire toilet drenches itself in water and cleaning fluid. Obviously my fear is that it malfunctions and starts sluicing itself with me trapped inside. Given the fearful noise they make, nobody would hear me scream. Generally I avoid them, but they are becoming more common.

Question - has this ever happened to anyone?

I know automatic toilets, which used to freak me out but increasingly don’t since most of them have motion sensors instead of timers – which invariably meant they flushed under me before I was even done peeing – but we primitive Americans don’t have anything like those.

They sound downright scary to me. I’d worry about the same thing happening!

Just a technical question. There are toilets in Europe where the entire inside of the bathroom is sprayed down after each use? I thought Europeans were champion water conservers and this sounds very wasteful. Am I misunderstanding the procedure?

No, Astro, you’re not misunderstanding the process - once you leave the toilet, the entire cubicle is flushed out, not just the toilet-basin itself. I should say that I’ve only come across these in London. They are free-standing - you see them in the streets, they look a bit like mini-spaceships. They may well be wasteful, I’m certainly not defending them!

They arn’t actually as wasteful as they sound. I beleive it costs something to use them (not much, if it was in the US I’d guess 25 cents). AND there’s little to no maintenence. It does everything on it’s own. I’ll see if I can dig up a cite that explains it better.

Rereading, I mean, I’d worry about it cleaning itself. I’ve never worried about anybody spying on me. And I bet these self-cleaners can reuse the water or something – enough disinfectants and I don’t see a problem with that.


Here’s one more thing for you to worry about: Cecil Adams on Did a vacuum-flush commode once suck a woman’s insides out?

Oh, great, bibliophage, now you’ve given this poor Doper a third toilet neurosis. New motto: “Come to the SDMB for help, get freaked out instead!” :smiley: