Help me pick a DVD burning format

I recently bought a 16x Dual Layer DVD +/- burner, and I’m not sure which format to default to. I’ve heard that the entertainment industry is pushing for DVD-R, while the big computer companies want DVD+R. This makes me lean towards +R more, but this information wasn’t completely reliable. So what’s the inside dope? Which format seems to be winning the war, which will be better supported for future technologies, which is more reliable in home DVD players, etc? I’ll be using the burner for both data storage and video playback for usage in computer and stand-alone DVD players. So do I buy the 100 pack of DVD+R or DVD-R?

I too just bought a dual layer DVD burner. I’ve heard better things about DVD+R; that it works with pretty much all DVD players for example. Also, the DVD+R coalition is run much more efficiently (basically as a dictatorship) and cooperatively than the DVD-R coalition, which suffers from infighting. See how the DVD+R dual layer format is already final and on the market, while there is yet no DVD-R dual layer spec. First-to-market counts for a lot in the tech field.

Bottom line is just pick one. To be general, most DVD readers/players can play either format. I have a burner that can write either format as well, and I base my decision on which bundle of media at the time. Most of the time the prices are pretty much equal, but sometimes I save a few dollars here and there. I would just figure out what you want to do (play DVDs on your DVD player, for instance), and figure out which one works with what you want to do. More than likely, either one will do.

As far as the average user is concerned, DVD+R and DVD-R discs do the same thing. Your disc player, however, may have a different opinion. Many older players will play + discs but not - discs, or the other way around. Some older players will not play recordable discs at all!

Before you pick a disc format, check the manuals of the DVD players you intend to use the disc in, to find out which disc format the players will play. This includes your player, your friends and family’s players and computer DVD drives, etc. It’s good to find this out so you can make the right disc for each person.

Try looking up players and recorders in the listings at if you have their make and model number.

xvxdarkknightxvx and iwakura43, what model of dual-layer burner did you get?

Sorry for the response delay. Been a bit busy here. It’s an NEC 16X Double Layer DVD±RW Drive, Black, Model ND-3500A BK, OEM. I’m looking through your link now. Thanks.


Here’s a technical article on the differences between DVD+R and DVD-R.

In my experience, the main differences are (1) DVD+RW is much faster to erase than DVD-RW, and (2) DVD+R discs seem to hold about 5 MB less than DVD-R.

Awesome! Thanks for the link. DVD+R it is!