Help me pick a personalized licence plate.

My Windstar just died last week. It’s been a lemon since we bought it new in 1995 (electrical problems, shitty gaskets, we had to replace the transmission shortly after the warranty was up) and now it has an internal engine knock signaling that it is no longer long for this world. Fine – it was good timing, actually – we just bought a used Thunderbird for our 17 year old son and, since he has his permit but won’t get his license until October, I have that to drive until I buy a new car.

So, my next car will be my first “dream car” in the sense that I will be choosing it myself based completely on what I want. My previous cars have all been pragmatic choices: My first car was a used Datsun I bought in 1979 because it was the best car on the lot that I could afford. My second car was a Plymouth Horizon which we bought because we wanted a new car (we had 2 babies and my husband was in the Navy and shifting to sea duty, so we wanted my car to be under warranty while he was gone so much) and it was the absolute cheapest new car available at the time. That was a good car, actually. Then, the Windstar, which I always disliked but was practical when I was hauling little kids around. Anyway, my husband is now under the impression that we are still “researching,” and I suppose we officially are, but I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I want a Mazda3 hatchback – it’s cute, it’s inexpensive, it gets decent gas mileage, I can fit my daughter’s wheelchair in the back, and it’s available in an absolutely delicious yellow.

So – and I know this is goofy, so don’t feel you have to pop into this thread just to tell me that – I want a personalized license plate on my lovely new car and I’m trying to decide exactly what. I thought I’d do a little poll here and see which of my choices my fellow Dopers think best. My first thought was of some variation of “Skeptic” or “Skeptical” but, according to the DMV website, all such variations are taken – including “Prove It,” which I’ve always thought would make a clever license plate. However, one skeptical option is still available:

Choice 1: DOUBT IT

Next I turned to the SDMB and tried several board-specific options, thinking it would be kind of cool to have a plate that only fellow Dopers would ‘get’. My two favorites are available. So:

Choice 2: STR8 DPR
Choice 3: HI OPAL

Finally, I thought of the color of my car – I have always wanted a yellow car and the Mazda, as I said, comes in a particularly gorgeous shade. It’s a bright sunny yellow with orange metal-flake. The end result is iridescent – yellow in some lights, almost orange in others. Thinking of different ways to say “bright, shiny yellow” in 6 letters or less led me to think of the derivation of “Mazda.” Of course my fellow Dopers are familiar with the Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda and I started wondering how Zarathustra would have said ‘yellow.’ Turns out (damn, I love the internet!) the oldest remaining Zoroastrian religious texts were written in Avestan, a now very dead language. And, online, I was able to find an Avestan-English dictionary. There wasn’t a direct translation to ‘yellow,’ but there were several words for “shining, radiant, golden” and such. Most of them were too long for a license plate, of course, but I was able to find two words for ‘shining’ that translated into 6 letters or less. So:

Choice 4: RAOCAH
Choice 5: BAMIM (there oughta be circumflexes above the vowels, but the DMV don’t do dat.

So, whaddayathink?

All of your choices are good, however choice #2 may get flagged as sexually suggestive.

Here are a few that I would consider for myself. Feel free to steal one!

LFG PST - only if you play MMORPGs

CECIL is taken I guess?


the three just makes it funnier.


Have a list of choices.

My first choice was:
Imagine. ( or Imag1ne)

All the good ones were taken.

And I couldn’t get SDMB which was my first choice.

and a couple others that have faded from my brain.

I came up with:
1 Van Go.

Which is a funny as I drive a full size econoline. Van Go ( movement) Van Gogh (painter)

My husband, doing possibly the gayest thing he’s ever done, has his liscense plates as Ren Wa. (Renoir) Everyone thinks he is either an Asian Doctor or some decorator. Two things he is most definately not.
If you get a yellow car you could have the plates: **B Nana. **

I like **42 **


Bye Opal


The one I want to get is PHA Q.

How can we pick a personalized plate that fits you? If we’re picking suggestions for you, it’s kinda self-defeating the point, isn’t it? - Jinx

The problem with that one is it could also be read as Be Nana, as in, Be Grandma.

Not to be a wet blanket, but I think personalized plates are so…like 20 years ago. Now license plate frames, on the other hand, I think are a great way to personalize your car. It actually wouldn’t be a bad idea if the Reader came out with some Doper frames.


My mom wanted Lil Red Wagon for her red station wagon.

She got LRDWGN.

Her coworkers thought it was LORD WAGON! (she’s an athiest… :D)

I tried to get **PHA Q, FA Q, **and 4 Q. All were rejected by the state. So were **6UL DV8, RL 6, **and NL 6. Damn bureaucrats have no sense of humor.

42 would be considered a number plate, and a low number like that would be impossible to get since they are jealously coveted by those who already have them and are often transferred to family members upon the death of the owners.

Cecil Fan
Fight Duh

Best I ever saw was

so that when you saw it in your rearview mirror, you read hello