Help me plan a picnic - short notice.

So spring has sprung here in SoCal and there’s a lot of wildflowers out. I got my field guides from Amazon finally and my husband suggested we go out on a picnic on his day off, which is tomorrow. :smack:

So what the heck should we bring, as far as a meat/cheese/wine trio is concerned? We’re partial to salami and prosciutto as far as meat is concerned, but what the hell kind of cheese or wine do I pick?

I am lost in this world of wine and cheese pairings. Whine and cheese I can do a bit better. We’re not looking to spend too too much on the wine, although I think we could manage a $20 bottle or so.

It depends on what cheese and wine you like. :wink:

My cheese suggestions:
[li]Chevre (spreadable goat cheese) with herbs and garlic[/li][li]Medium cheddar[/li][li]Havarti with dill or cumin[/li][li]Whatever else the deli will let you taste![/li][/ul]

For wine, about all I can suggest (since I mostly drink beer) is a white Zinfandel, or even better, some kind of champagne to make the trip a celebration. Both need to be chilled.

Don’t forget some bread or interesting crackers to go with that, and silverware, plates, and glasses.


The other day a friend and I had some cold meats, cheese and salad and split a bottle of the 2003 Chemin des Papes a light fruity Cotes du Rhone red. It was very good and only $10 a bottle in Australia maybe cheaper elsewhere.