Help me plot out my vacation fridge!

So, at the end of the month I’m taking a lovely sojourn down to the sunshine state, on my one and only break week from school this semester. We’ll be there ten days, and I figure there’s no reason for it to be a fattening, bacchanalian event. We’ve gone down to the Florida so many times, done all the nearby restaurants, that nothing really excites us anymore. We much prefer to make food at home.

That having been said, it’s a unique opportunity to build up a pantry from scratch, without having to worry about finishing all the lousy food my family already has in the fridge and cupboards here. If there’s leftover burgers and sausage in the fridge, it’s hard to convince myself to make a salad from scratch for dinner.

I’m not sure if this is of interest to anyone else, but I’m looking for meal/ingredient ideas for my stay, that ideally should have most of the following qualities:

  • Low Fat, low calorie
  • Preferably local produce and such
  • Something that I can cook with minimal effort and time, that won’t completly heat up the already warm apartment.
  • Something that won’t produce so much leftovers that I need to smuggle it across the border back home out of guilt.

Beyond that, how many of you cook on a vacation down south? Any vacation? What’s good and easy? I’m tired of hot pockets and frozen pizzas. The Miller High Life and the cheap cigars can stay, but at least something has to resemble a healthy choice!

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: