Help Me Read These Leopold & Loeb Photos

I was reading a book about the famous Chicago teenager killers Leopold & Loeb

Anyway I wanted some help reading one of the photos in the book.

It’s the admission and pictures of Richard Loeb as he and Leopold were being inducted into Joliet Prison

Here’s Loeb’s overall pic

OK now here is the top part with Richard Loeb’s stats. I have blown this up. (note it’s a fairly big jpg so if anyone is on dial up it’ll take awhile)

Here is my questions:

Now the first stats says

Height 74.7 (if I’m reading this right, correct me if wrong). And I am assuming that is inches.

Underneath It says ENG HEIGHT: 5.8 3/4

Which I’m assuming is English height? Which I assume is feet and inches. So I am reading that as 5 feet 8 3/4 inches. Perhaps that is wrong.

Either way one of them is wrong. 'Cause 74 inches is over six feet. I’ve always read Loeb was over 6 feet tall. But you know how that is, it could easily be wrong. I would think an induction form at Joliet Prison would be more accurate

Now if you look at Leopold’s sheet (<-This is his overall induction sheet)

I’ve blown up the stats part of the above image so you can read it.

Now here it gives Leopold’s height as 65.8 and Eng Height as 5.5 1/4. Well 65 inches is 5 ft 5 inches (well about)

So do you think I’m reading this wrong? Or was there an error on Loeb’s induction sheet?

A couple of questions about the sheet

I noticed it say Age: and Apparent age. I am assuming age is actual age, while aparent age, is how old the inductee would look?

Also what is the color of their eyes? It looks like Loeb is Hazel but it almost looks like Hz Green and Steel Blue underneat.

It looks like Leopold is reading Oi Black?? and underneat that is says ST Blue, whatever that is.

And how does the hair / beard color read, it looks like XXX-Drk. I can’t make out the XXX part

I hope this makes sense.


Dunno about the ages and eye color thing, but the heights are translations from cm to feet and inches. 174.7 cm is 5’8 3/4". (I take it the extra full meter below 74.7 is implied.)

I had this same question about the height listings when I read the book recently, and I think **Jenaroph **'s answer checks out.

Loeb was taller than Leopold, but IIRC, not six feet tall.

Thanks for answering (and for asking the question, Markxxx).

Thanks Jenaroph that makes sense. I have read in the newspapers Loeb being reported as 6’ and Leopold only being 5’3" and when they are seen together there does appear to be a big difference in their height.

Here’s some pics of them together

Leopold & Loeb 1

[Leopold & Loeb 2](

Leopold & Loeb 3