Help me remember a movie (doorman know people's secrets)

All I remember is that a woman is fired from a job or her business fails, and she and guy come up with the idea to interview doormen, because they know everyone’s secrets. The protagonists use this info for something…a book, film, TV show? It struck me as a pretty clever idea.

It’s a fairly recent movie.

As I get older, I will be turning to the SDMB for more and more help. Soon I will be posting from the grocery store and asking what was on the grocery list that I forgot at home.

ETA. Title of thread should say “doorMEN.” Can’t edit.

When i read the thread title, my first thought was Rhoda.

Hmmm… this makes me wonder if this wasn’t a movie but an episode of a TV series.

“This is…uh…Carlton, your…uh…doorman?”