Help me remember an odd fact, likely presidential

I remember hearing an astounding fact perhaps a year ago, but the details have fled my brain. Help a brother out?

It has to do with someone, still alive today, who is the grandson (?) of a historic figure (president?) from long, long ago.

It goes something like this: Did you know that John Quincy Adams’ grandson is still alive?!?

Does this ring a bell? Does anyone know the specifics?

Thanks, as always,

This story?

That’s it!

Thanks, donnerwetter!

That’s simply amazing.

I have a colleague, now 76, whose father was 60 when he was born and whose grandfather was 70 when his father was born. This means that his grandfather was born 206 years ago (although I think those ages were only approximate, if indeed the birth dates were even known; still over 200 years ago).

My thesis advisor, who died in 1999, was the grandson of the Harrison who was elected in 1884, I think it was Wm. Henry.

My paternal grandfather was born in 1863. You know that shorthand way of identifying about when you were born by who was POTUS at the time? I’m an Eisenhower baby. Dad was a Taft baby. Grandfather was a Lincoln baby.