Help me remove this from my desktop

If any one can please tell me how to get rid of this. This is my daughters desktop and she has no idea how she got it on there and we can not figure out how to get it off. It is only there when she logs in under her login. We are running Windows XP. Thanks :slight_smile:

Picture of desktop here

What happens when you right click on the screen, and do Properties --> Desktop?

IOW, is this a screenshot or a running application?


What happens when you right-click on that sidebar thing itself? Do you get a different context menu than you’d see if you right-clicked on a blank part of the desktop itself? Does that little grey line (in between the bottom of the sidebar and the top of the taskbar) expand into anything when you mouse over it?

I can’t test this because I don’t have a WinXP machine handy, but perhaps if you go to MyComputer>C:>Documents and Settings>“account name”>Desktop>Tools>Folder Options, you can twiddle with the setttings to get this to go away.

I can click on the properties on the desktop but I don’t see anything that would make this disappear. The sidebar itself has no properties so I can’t hide it, delete it or move it. It does not appear to be a running application. You can click on the Folder Tasks, Other Places and Details. It is almost like having Windows explorer up without actually seeing the files.

Check for Spyware.

That’s just the damnedest thing. The setting that controls it for normal folders is in Tools…Options, under the “General” tab, and is the “show common tasks/use classic folders” choice. This is a global choice for all folders - what happens if you go to the directory citybadger described, turn this option off, then turn it back on again?

Ah, I’ve just found this link which claims that it’s caused by a corrupted registry key, and provides a small program to correct it. I haven’t tested this program, however, and make no promises about it not screwing up your computer.

Thanks everyone. I will try what citybadger and Dead Badger suggested when I get home.


Wow, Am I missing something? Try this.
[li]Click On “Tools”[/li][li]Mouse down and click on “Folder Options”[/li][li]Click on the “General tab”[/li][li]In the Task box click on the “Use Windows Classic Folders” button[/li][li] Click on OK or Apply and that should straighten it out.[/li][/ul]


:smack: I should have looked at the image closer before running to the keyboard. In hindsight that is strange.

Jim :frowning: