Help me salvage my turkey chili from the pizza-sauce invaders!

I’m making a turkey chili based on the Abs Diet’s “Three Amigos Chili” (basically, chili made with ground turkey and three kinds of beans). Since I’m home for a bit, I had my dad taste it while it was simmering and he decided it needed tomatoes. I grabbed a can and added them… but… um… as it turns out, they were crushed tomatoes with Italian herbs.

I’ve got garlic powder, cumin, cayenne and chili powder in the chili already, and I added more onion powder to try to cut the pizza-sauce flavor.

Is there anything else I can do, besides upping the spices a ridiculous amount?

Lime juice.

Might make it nasty, tho. Experiment with a little bit, see if it’s going the right way flavourwise.

More garlic is always a good idea, too.

I’m surprised that the miniscule amount of oregano and basil(isn’t that what’s usually added to crushed tomatoes?) changed your chili that much. It should be fine. Maybe add some more cumin.

Paging Angua.

Diced green chiles and cilantro.

What Demo said. No way you’ll even be able to identify the ‘added herbs’ from the tomatoes, if the chilli is made properly…

Or just serve it over pasta and call it a day.

Chili-mac! :smiley: