Help me save money and not go to the doctor if I don't have too!

While trying to impress the children last week sledding, Ol’ dad decided to go off a little ramp. Yeah, I hit it quite a bit faster than I thought. Anyway…I flew in the air and tried to catch myself with my right arm which unfortunately was not bent at the elbow when I landed and I hit with all my weight on my arm. There was a little popping sound and a slight pain like when you jam your finger. This was two weeks ago. I could fully move my arm at first but it eventually stiffened up. I couldn’t bend it enough to touch my face and I couldn’t straighten it much past 90 degrees. I put ice on it and took ibuprofen and it got a little better. I can now touch my face and bend my arm all the way up but I cannot straighten it all the way. I can flex and rotate and bend it to near normal so I assume its not a broken bone. However, when I try to straighten it fully it feels really tight, especially from the elbow to about halfway down the top of my forearm. I CAN actually fully extend my arm if I hold my upper arm with my other hand, relax and let gravity weigh it down but I can’t use my muscles to do it without it feeling tight and causing a little pain. I know everyone is probably going to tell me to go to the doctor but the last time I had a similar injury years ago, the doctor said it may or may not be fractured, here’s a cheap sling and a bill for 700 bucks. I’m guessing either a fractured bone or torn ligament or maybe just a sprain perhaps? There is no swelling or discoloration, nothing feels or seems out of place. My biggest concern isn’t that I can’t function but rather if something is wrong, it won’t heal correctly if I just let it be. I don’t mind going to the doctor if I absolutely have to, but I’ll feel really really bad in these lean times if I have to pay a thousand bucks for something that I could have just healed with time. I have a higher tolerance for pain than I do for spending money unnecessarily. Any questions to help you determine my injury, just let me know.

You should see a doctor. The SDMB takes a dim view toward remote-diagnosing.

I’ll third the get thee to a doctor that you suggested yourself…

I can understand the remote diagnosing thing but thought I’d give it a shot. Ah well, I have more time than money so I guess I’ll leave it be and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Since you’ve made a decision, I’ve closed the thread.

Correct. It’s pretty obvious you need to get to a doctor, Clivas, and trying to get medical help from strangers on the internet isn’t a good idea. I’m going to [del]close this thread[/del] simulpost with Gary “Wombat” Robson and end up looking ridiculous. Good luck to you.