Help me scare my sister - scene search - Twin Peaks...?

My sister and I were having a conversation about movies that, although overall didn’t scare us, had a very scary scene in them.

She recalled a scene from Twin Peaks. Neither of us were regular viewers. it was in someone’s memory, and in the memory of a person’s bedroom.

At first, you don’t really see anything, but then it dawns on you that crouching at the foot of the bed, glaring intently, is a creepy guy…

Anyway, I have been trying to look for it on You Tube, but based on that vague description I am coming up blank…

Mybe someone more familiar with the show could lend some help…?

Is it this?


Nope, there was much less action in the scene. The guy at the foot of the bed didn’t move…

I believe the scene might have been from the movie. I remember it distinctly: the mother is in Laura’s bedroom and slowly the image of Bob is clear crouching in the bedroom.

That sounds right, now I just have to find it…

I believe the scene in question occurs in the European version of the 2-hour pilot.

Here it is.

That’s the one for sure.

That looks like it - Thanks so much!

Off to scare my sister now…

In the U.S. broadcast, IIRC Sarah looks at the bed and there’s no one there, but in later episodes she remembers Bob crouching. I believe Lynch shot it for the European version (by contract, it had to have an ending that wrapped everything up, unlike the original U.S. version which lead in to the series), and since it was so scary, he imported it (and Bob, Mike, the Red Room, the Little Man From Another Place, and a shitload of other stuff from the European pilot) into the series.

For me the scariest moment is in the second season – Maddie is sitting on the floor in Donna’s living room when Bob walks in from the dining room, crawls over the couch, and starts advancing on her.


Ah Jesus, that still scares the crap out of me.


My memories of being wigged out while watching Twin Peaks are still so vivid that reading this thread, even before watching any clips, scared the crap out of me.

The oogiest part for me is the creamed corn kid from the movie.

You should all be happy to know that she not only responded with “I hate you” but also freaked out most of her office showing them the scene.

Job well done, Dopers!

Heh. I scared myself just thinking about the clip I posted, and then when I found it on YouTube I realized it was much, much scarier than I’d remembered.


That was a great show. One rarely encounters the Wendigo elsewhere.

ETA: Or was Bob a Manitou? It’s been too long.

Uh, Cliffy, isn’t that the clip I posted in my response?

I just finished watching the series and the movie on DVD, and as far as I remember they never specifically said what Bob was. Cooper and the others speculated about it in the last of the Laura Palmer-centric episodes (where the series should have ended, IMHO), and later on they find out he originally came from the Black Lodge (not that this really answers anything), but that’s about it. I always wondered if he was ever human to begin with, or always just an evil spirit. The one-armed man claimed he was Bob’s serial-killing partner in the past, but I was never sure if that meant Bob was a real person then, or that he was a spirit possessing someone else.

Actually, the whole Bob/one-armed man relationship was one of the most creepy/intriguing things about the series.

I don’t know what the hell Creamed Corn Kid was all about . . .

Yes it is – I hadn’t checked yours because I knew Bob had the potential of scaring the crap out of me!


Holy shit, Cliffy! I had to shut it off after 5 seconds. Merry Christmas!