Help me solve my email problem!

One of my clients has an e-mail account that is provided by the Technical Chamber of Greece. The problem is that their outgoing smtp server is down and according to their helpdesk they are not going to fix it.

At my client’s home I have used the ISP’s SMTP server and everything works fine. But when he connects his iPad at a wifi network at a cafe for example, it wont work unless chance has it that the cafe uses the same ISP.

So far I can see only two solutions:

  1. Add all greek ISP SMTP servers as alternate outgoing servers on the iPad so no matter at what network he connects he will always be able to send emails.

  2. Find some free third party SMTP server that will allow me to send emails with a different address.

Since I haven’t found a free SMTP server so far I am inclined to try option 1. But how is this going to work? Will the iPad try to send the email through each SMTP server in the list until it gets through?

You can send from another address through gmail. You just have to register your alternate address to your gmail account.

I tried that with an iPad once, and though it worked, the return address on the mail sent from the alternative server was the gmail address, not the address that was the user’s main email address.

Most email clients have a way to override that, but I sure the heck couldn’t find it on the iPad. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking for it, so maybe I’m wrong, but as far as I know the iPad won’t let you change the return address.

But you could use the GMail Web site from the iPad, not the mail client.