Help me solve the biggest quest of my life- Why did my penis stop working normally

im 30 now…when i was 24-25 i started poping alot of research chemicals and supplements/nootropics to expand my mind. Unfortunately i might have overdosed on L-Glycine or had an adverse reaction with pramiracetam.
I remember the next day for the first time my ragin morning wood was not there, it was my first time i woke up like this, it was like night and day, that very night when it was time to have sex with my girlfriend, my didnt stand up. I completely ignored it and thought it was a fluke.

5 years later i still have not had normal sex without drugs to assist or morning wood.

It has been a long nightmare, 6 year nightmare so far. I have lost many great opportunities to build relationships with women and have totally fell flat when it was time to have sex.

It has has a very negative effect on my psyche and has helped promote depression and shades of misery for me.

I have tried over 100 supplements over time and none of them have worked. In matter of fact i can remember a number of times i felt ciales and or viagra giving me heart attack like symptoms. If i wasent so bent on not going to the ER room like many people are I would of sure paid a visit to the hostpital if i could afford it.

I also have seen many doctors who all say just take viagra, its in your head, or take l argenine, by the way that does not work 4 me.

i had a 600 dollar sex hormone text done and the doctor said everything was normal.

im thinking i fried the part of my brain that makes the nitric oxide for sex in my body.

If i dont masturbate my willy my john does not go up naturally, even if i watch a hot vid. I have to stimulate or no cigar, it needs stimulation/contact to go up, and even then its not full wood like it was before i ingested the chemicals.

i read exotocity is a reaction to l glycine poisoning, im wondering if i just fried my brain when i look like 20 grams of it at once. there was no instruction on the bag, and i was young and dumb, i thought the more the better, i originally bought it for body building i beleive but regardless, i need help from someone who can solve this 4 me…

You already asked this question in your other thread. My advice (I am not a doctor) is the same as it was there:

Stop imagining that a problem which (maybe) was caused by pills can be fixed by more, different pills. When you’re in a hole, it’s time to stop digging.

Also: the title ‘Straight Dope’ of this board does not refer to drugs.

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