Help me speak out against my university! (they fund abortions!)

After reviewing the student health policy, the university I go to, will fund something like 80% of a students abortion. We are taking this to the board of trustees and above to speak out. It isn’t right.

How many Universities fund abortions… is this uncommon?

Can anyone provide me with useful statistics on abortions or abortions among college aged women?

How do I find out how much money was funded through my university for abortions last year?

Any other advice, please email me.

It would probably help if you expanded a little on why you feel it isn’t right.

The poster asked factual questions. This is GQ. His personal feelings on the subject don’t change the answer to any of the questions he asked.

Trust me, universities have learned from the 60s and don’t really care much about piddling things like student protests. They care about money. How many of you care enough to quit school or transfer?

I thought so.

Your university is likely paying premiums to a provider. The provider can offer any legal medical procedures within its coverage, your moral objections notwithstanding. You can opt not to attend the college or to obtain different medical coverage on your own that doesn’t provide that care, but good luck finding one.

He’s asking for advice about how to frame and voice his objections; it would therefore help to know what they are.

The poster appealed for help in “speaking out against his university.”
Everything else is just cover for advertising his opinions.

You know… I asked factual questions… is it necessary to bombard me with irrelavant opinions and questions? I used to like the SDMB but I don’t think I’ll be renewing a subscription for exactly this type of thing. I asked a series of question… and if you can’t answer them, please don’t post a reply.

  1. Make a sign and picket the administrative offices of your school
  2. Create and circulate a petition to give to administration
  3. Organize an official protest and notify the press
  4. Write a letter to the editor at your school newspaper
  5. Write a letter to the editor at your local newspaper
  6. Put your money where your mouth is and go to a different school.
    BTW, I think you are full of shit. Coverage for abortion services is a privilege, not an endorsement of the procedure or encouragement to have one.

Have a nice day.

These are factual questions. I have no doubt that the answers will be used to advertise his opinions, but these, as I said before, are factual questions. So what, exactly, is “Bullshit” about my statement?

Johnnyt27, I don’t think it’s likely you’ll find too much help here. For what it’s worth, I looked on the University of Illinois and Indiana University’s student health websites and found no mention of the University helping to pay fees associated with abortion.

Looking around at SIU’s website some more, it seems as though they offer SECONDARY insurance which students can opt out of, if they wish. I believe it’s this insurance which pays the 80% of abortion fees. Is this what you’re talking about? (Here’s the brocure. WARNING, .pdf)

Looking around at SIU’s website some more, it seems as though they offer SECONDARY insurance which students can opt out of, if they wish. I believe it’s this insurance which pays the 80% of abortion fees. Is this what you’re talking about? (Here’s the brocure. WARNING, .pdf)

page 7 on the PDF, under maternity. Elective surgical procedure to terminate a pregnancy.

Well, you can appeal to the people who fund the university: the general population of the state of Illinois, via their elected representatives. This was the same method used to stop the US Army from providing abortions in the 1980’s. You might also appeal to the alumni association.

Although this issue is a highly devisive one, I would ask you to not adopt a confrontational stance (I’d give this same advise if the OP was "They want to stop abortions through my campus health service.) The alternative to confrontation is constructive engagement, which requires that you question your own views as well as your opponent’s.

Of course you understand that, if successful, you will have made it impossible for many young women to acheive a college education. Your argument that “it (abortion) isn’t right” will need to be somewhat more elaborate to justify that outcome.

I’d suggest getting in contact with whatever groups/organisations within your college that are anti-abortion. Also anti-abortion groups in the local area of your college. You might also consider abstaining from sexual activity whilst in college and campaining for others to do the same. Make as large as possible a donation to the local child-care services, and organise events to help raise money for local child care, adoption agencies, and those agencies that help single mothers.

If you’re going to be launching a protest campaign, you’ll be needing to grow yourself a spine in short order; it isn’t impolite or at all inappropriate top ask for further relevant details; for example, if your primary objection to the abortuion issue is a religious/moral one, the advice people might offer (as well as argument, probably) might include discussing it with a church group or minister; if your objection is focused on the misuse of resources, you might want to talk to an accountant; if your objection is one of medical ethics regarding under-age persons, you might want details and statistics of the medical risks involved, and so on. if you want your questions answered, be prepared to explain yourself.

I’m closing this one as it started off with a non-GQ title, a mixed-bag OP(questions, rants, and opinions).

And the insults back and forth were getting worse.

Listen up, everyone! DO NOT insult other posters in GQ.

Johnnyt27. If you wish to ask a question in GQ, please do it without adding commentary which is inflammatory. If you want to start a great debate on morality, take it to GD.

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