Help Me Spend Some Money

So I have a $140 gift card to Macy’s and no idea what to buy.

I’m a guy and I’ll give whatever info is asked of me.

Any suggestions?

This might be fun. or at least interesting.

My first thought is to spiff up your wardrobe – if you’re a jeans-and-tee guy (or a khakis-and-polo guy), you could put it towards some nice clothes. Like, a good sports coat. Be prepared for those occasions where you’re usually underdressed.

Go to the library and peruse some back copies of GQ magazine. They have all sorts of stuff in there that they say you NEED to buy - but by checking out the different items yourself you can figure out what you don’t have and would actually use if you did buy it.

Need a new wallet or a new belt? A new robe?
I assume that if your wardrobe was bare you wouldn’t be having a problem deciding.

Is there someone in your life with a birthday coming up? Regift!!

I just don’t care for too big a variety in my wardrobe. I do the laundry once a week so I usually end up having around 10 shirts. Right now I have more than that but it is really unusual.

I think the answer is always KitchenAid stand mixer. Look at these yummy colors!

First thought was something sartorial. Next thought was a really nice knife (or a couple of them) in the home good section. Maybe a snazzy watch. A good set of sheets.

You say you don’t care for much variety in your wardrobe, but a free $140 is just the opportunity to do something nice that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Do some early Christmas shopping.

I’d go with knives too. You don’t need anything super fancy, but $140 should get you a good steak and kitchen knife set. And don’t leave without at least one box of Frango mints.

I would love me some cutlery, unfortunately, our house wouldn’t butcher them. Cutting boards are not used much and knives get thrown into a pile after washing.

I am actually looking for suggestions in clothing.

I’ll try to get a picture up of me wearing or using whatever it is I end up buying :slight_smile:

A KitchenAid was my first thought, too. I wasn’t even thinking clothes - I immediately thought, “Housewares!”

I just don’t mix things though. I’d take a blender if I didn’t already have one I was happy with.

Well, I think you should definitely look at the pillows, as evidenced by your need a pillow thread, and then if you have money left over I like this shirt with these jeans, and these cargo shorts with perhaps this tee, or any tee you like, really. If those aren’t your style perhaps you could post a photo of yourself wearing your usual style and we can look further.

Three words:

Really good sheets.

Until you have slept on them, you do not understand the glory that is 600 count pima cotton sheets. Or the equivilent.


If you don’t want to buy anything right now, you could wait until Fall and buy yourself a nice new coat or jacket (or apply it towards the cost). If you really don’t know what you want to buy, and if you don’t have a sports coat for weddings-and-funerals, I would buy one, and you’ll always be ready to look spiffy.

Exactly what I was going to say. There is a big difference, and you’re in contact with them more than any item of clothing.