What is a good gift for a new baby girl?

A relative just had a baby girl a few days ago. What would be a good gift? I’d like to keep it under 100 dollars. I’m male and I guess I wasn’t sent any sort of a registry.

Board books
A large package of diapers
A cute outfit or two (best to get a size bigger than 3-6 mos.)
A fuzzy blanket
A nice baby toy
Money for a savings account

Since you don’t know what big-ticket items they might need (unless you ask, which you could), you should stick to fairly generic things that every baby needs or likes. $100 would buy quite a lot of board books or clothing, you probably don’t need to spend that much.

Whatever you get, make sure to give them a gift receipt with it!

I’d suggest getting a small token gift and a gift card to go with it.


Would new parents be insulted by a 100 dollar gift card from a close supermarket? I know I’m thinking practical, but that gift card can be used to buy diapers, formula, or other expensive things.

I guess it depends on the person; I certainly wouldn’t be.

Rembember too–just because you weren’t provided with a registry list doesn’t mean that they aren’t registered. It’s tacky to go around braying about your registry. If they’re registered, they probably figured that anybody interested would ask. So ask. You can ask the new mom’s mother or sister or whatever. They’ll know.

I would have loved a hundred dollar gift card to a grocery store when my little girl was born. Formula is expensive!

Formula and diapers during the first months, and a steam cleaner for the carpets once she’s mobile. Or a video camera.

Cash is good. I like cash.





Note that size doesn’t matter. Aim big - get six month stuff, why not? They’ll need 'em sooner or later.

I’m going to disagree with clothes. We’ve already got a metric ton of hand-me-downs for our as-yet-unborn baby girl. Seriously, I don’t think the kid is going to need a new outfit til she hits kindergarten. If someone were to give us more clothes, we’d appreciate the good wishes, but it’s really not what we need.

dalej42, you can go to the Babies’R’Us and Target websites, plug in the parents’ names and see if they’re registered at either of those stores.

Another option would be to buy something small–I’m a huge fan of board books–and give a $100 (or however much)savings bond or contribution to her college fund.

I would be thrilled with such a present.

Clothes are good, even if you have piles of hand-me-downs, it’s nice to have something new for your baby. BUT do the parents a favour, avoid pink… Nothing pink - they’ll have enough already!
I’d been delighted with a gift card from local supermarket for nappies, formula etc.
Friends of ours just had a baby girl and really had all they needed for the baby through friends, family and hand-me-downs. So, we got the parents a little something each and for the baby we got some girl power: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/ProductDetails.aspx?catalog=Unwrapped&product=OU3544ED
They loved it!

Open up an interest-bearing account, put your $100 dollars in it, and present it (with a card) as the beginnings of a college fund. Classy, practical, and something more worthwhile than toys and clothing that she’ll outgrow in just a few months/years time.

A Savings Bond, she doesn’t care what she gets now but she sure will appreciate the extra money when she’s in college.

I buy my friends’ children classic children’s books (generally hardcover). I started giving them these right from birth. The parents appreciate this because everyone and their uncle gives baby clothes and toys. Plus, building a good library is expensive.

Everyone gives stuff for an infant. I really appreciated the “next size up” diapers and clothes. Seriously, you wake up one morning and the kid doesn’t fit into stuff. Get stuff for a 6 month old.

Be practical—the mother will thank you later. Buy her a gift card and tell her it’s specifically for diapers, food, or buy a bunch of onesies (the most useful article of baby clothing on the planet).

If you’re close to the relative, you could give her a $20 gift card to a restaurant and give her the night off from baby. New babies are stressful, whether it’s your first or your fifth.

This. My father bought my children zero coupon bonds when they were born. We had a heck of a time redeeming it, but my son now has an IRA. He’s 19. I wish I’d had an IRA when I was 19.

Nothing for “size newborn.” Bring clothing or booties for size “6 months” to “1 year” and they’ll be much more well-received.

I brought my brand-new niece a set of booties and bib, for 1 year, from Scotland… in the tartan she’ll wear as her school uniform K-8 :smiley: It’s never too early to start getting fed up of that tartan :wink:

If you’re going to do this, keep in mind the time of year when the baby reaches that age. My daughter was born in May. She got an absolutely adorable flowered green dress that was size 6 months. Unfortunately, by the time she was big enough to wear it, the weather was too cold, and by the time the weather had warmed up, she’d outgrown it. She never did get to wear it. It came with a headband and everything. :frowning: