Help me troubleshoot my cable(TV cable)

Since living in my house, I have had Comcast, then satellite and now back to Comcast. Since going back to Comcast, my video is awful. While very sporadic, it will from time to time go through a series of issues. Mostly, pauses, skips and generally unwatchable video. I can’t find the words to describe, but the screen is semi scrambled as well as the audio. And when it starts, it tends to continue.

As I said, it seems to be very sporadic. I don’t recall having these issues the last time I had Comcast (5 years ago) and know I didn’t have it with Dish.

So is it a Comcast problem, an in house wiring problem( seems unlikely, but maybe something happened) or something else? I only have one TV(other one is using the Xfinity app on a Roku, which has issues, but not these).

I imagine it’s impossible to diagnose from this, but looking forward to speculation.


If you cable box or DVR or Cable Card or whatever device you’re using to decode their signal is rented from them, start by swapping it out. If that doesn’t change anything, call tech support and sometimes they can see something from their end. If not, they’ll send a truck out and the techs can hook up their equipment, isolate the problem and fix it.
It could be anything from a problem with your cable box to rodents chewing threw the wires up on the pole. There’s not a whole lot we can do from here.

TLDR, call tech support.

What issues are you having with the Roku? Do the issues you’re having with it happen around the same time as the issues with the TV? When your TV is on the fritz do you have internet problems?
If the problem spans more than one device, it’s more likely to having something to do with wiring (inside or outside your house).