Help me Troubleshoot my Wii Nunchuck

I don’t know what the problem is with my Wii Nunchuck.

In Wii Sports (Boxing) it is hit or miss (no pun intended) to land a left hook.

In Zelda it takes forever to pass the Hidden Skills that I find.

In Call of Duty 3, which I play least of all, it takes a while to get past the close combat.

In short, Im not sure what all the nunchuck is supposed to do, before I can judge if my nunchuck is or is not doing it all.

What all should the nunchuck be able to do, and what is the easiest way to test it? ((I tried to do this in boxing, but I had my first game where I dropped to my knees… I still ended up winning thankfully))

The nunchuck is like the remote without an IR sensor for the most part.

It has a feature to detect pivotal moment, and one to detect sudden stops and starts in motion. Note that these features are simpler than the games make them up to be. You can swing the remote like a sword or lightly tap it against your knee for the same effect. The sensor cannot tell how large a particular movement is - just that you made one.

Start up boxing and hold your nunchuck level. Tilt it up and you should see your boxer’s glove move up. That’s how it works: you pivot the nunchuk or remote up or down to set glove level, then jerk it to set off a punch. Remember, try smaller, simpler actions first before trying big ones.

If you think your nunchuck is malfunctioning, replace the batteries and re-sync the remote.

In particular, for Zelda, I had the hardest time doing the sheild attack, which is the only one that uses the 'chuk IIRC. I would always do a spin attack instead. The key, don’t thust the 'chuk, just nod it. Y’know, don’t move it forward or anything, just rapidly tilt in downwards and back up. Works every time.
And wii boxing is just wonky.

So the chuck is more pivot, less thrust?

I’m pretty confident that’s not true; it’s up to the game as to how the movements are interpreted, and in that sense, you would be correct in that most games do not differentiate between the two at this point.

Perhaps. I know that Madden cannot tell up from down. You can do the sweeping kick motion upwards as the game instructs, or downwards for the same effect.

The drumming in Rayman works the same way. You can hold the controllers sideways and it’ll still work.

Pretty much. Game developers don’t want kids (or drunk adults) making gestures that are too wild, so most games require only minimal movement. The beauty of the system is that it’s all dependent on the user. You can play lazily with the controller on your lap or swing it around with reckless abandon and it’ll work just as well.