Help me tweak this recipe?

I haven’t tried it yet, so could be it’s fine as is. However, after reading through the reviews, I’m wishing it were a little more authentic, and it would be nice if I could shoehorn in some veggies.

I’ve already decided to use fish sauce as a substitute for the teriyaki, maybe chili paste instead of red pepper flakes.

As for the pork & sauce - really something you’ll have to experiment with the spicing to suit your own tastes.

Only thing that raised my eyebrow was 3 cups of uncooked long grain rice - that’s one hell of a lot of cooked rice. The recipe says it makes 12 servings,with a 3 # pork roast, that’s only 1/4 # / serving. Somehow the proportions of pork and rice seem off. But I’m a carnivore by nature…

I can’t think of a particular Thai dish that this recipe is trying to emulate. I don’t think you can just “tweak” the recipe to make it more authentic - it’s just a hodgepodge.
The closest would be stewed pork on rice which is a fast food type of dish - khao kha moo, but that has no vegetables. It’s sold in small eateries. Google for recipes. If you really want to know how they make it in Thailand, I’ll ask the dude down the road.

Flickster however has noticed that in Thai style you have a relatively small amount of meat with your rice in this type of dish. The meat is heavily flavoured because it is expensive.

A quarter cup when cooked is what is considered a single serving [at least for diabetics…I know I can pack away almost a cup of rice if left to myself and it is in teh form of pork fried rice from my favorite wokery]

I would replace the rice cooking water with chicken broth that has had some garlic, ginger and lemon grass added. Make for a much richer flavored rice.

As pictured, there has to be at least 3/4 cup of rice on the plate…sort of like you see on packaging “serving suggestion” and something about it not being what is in the box =)

If you need some inspiration, and want an authentic recipe for a pork & peanut Thai stew, check out this recipe from David Thompson’s excellent and extensive Thai cookbook entitled Thai Food. If you like Thai food, this is probably the most exhaustive and informative cookbook in the English language (my copy has 673 pages.)

Well, the first thing I’m going to do with this recipe is cut it in half. A lot of people in my household have an unreasonable prejudice against leftovers. I noticed the rice thing too, and I will probably adjust that depending how many people I’m serving that night. aruvgan, broth always helps, doesn’t it?

Manwich, I did look up khao kha moo, and saw mustard greens or bok choy suggested, which makes perfect sense, so that was helpful. No need to bother the dude down the road. :slight_smile:
Pulykamell**, I may check the library for that. I’m not a serious enough cook to own it!