Help me understand searching using Chrome.

I feel like an idiot.

I’ve installed Chrome, imported all my Firefox stuff, and added some of the key extensions(add-ons) I like.

The only thing I don’t get is how do I search various websites? In Firefox, I had several search engines in the upper right hand corner, with its own search box. Chrome only has the one search bar(same as the url bar).

It says something about…using keywords or something to switch between my search engines? What? I don’t get it.

It imported all my search engines from Firefox, too. Wikipedia, Yahoo, Pirate Bay,and quite a few others. I see them listed under the basics tab of options, but how do I…cycle through and pick the one I want to currently search.

I’ve googled it, but I can’t find it.

Is there an add-on to just add a search bar in the upper right hand corner like Firefox had?

You type the search directly into the address bar.
Yes, it took awhile for me to get used to it, too.
ETA: Sorry, didn’t see the part where you already know that. I have no idea how you’d access those other search engines.

You mean, you want to search from the address bar as if you were searching from wikipedia’s search engine or yahoo’s? I dunno, I’ve never bothered as I never bother with yahoo and I always get the results I want by adding wiki or piratebay to my search terms.

Adding wiki or piratebay? So you type those out or something…?

When I type:

“wiki sherlock holmes”

into the search engine…it searches those terms on google(my default search engine). Same with piratebay or whatever else I use.

Yeah, and the first or second hit is almost always what I want. Back when I used firefox, I did have a search bar with a dropdown menu that let me switch between search engines but for my needs, at least, just using the omnibox gets me where I need to go quickly enough, nowadays. Which is my less than clear way of saying, I don’t know how to make what you want happen but have you considered the possibility that you do not need it anymore?

You can assign a keyword for specific search engines and add that to what you type into the address bar. Either right-click the address bar or click the wrench icon.

ETA: however, like Inner Stickler says, I also just use The Googoo for everything.

Ah, I see. I did not get how to edit keywords for search engines.

I get it now. Thanks, guys.

Just let Google make all your decisions for you, huh?

Yep. I don’t get dressed in the morning or buy a coffee without first checking google to see if it’s ok.
Google is a search engine and from my perspective a darn good one. Is that a problem?

I think you have crema on your pants.