Help me with my MS Natural Keyboard

So I was trying to mod my Microsoft Natural Keyboard by installing some LEDs under the keys so it glows a little. I managed to splice into the power and the LEDs light up beautifully. However, when I tried to put the thing back together, I found that I really didn’t pay enough attention when I was taking it apart. Now it doesn’t work.

Can anyone explain how to put the thing together properly? I did some searching for a picture of the keyboard’s innards but I couldn’t find anything helpful. If you know of one, that’d be great.

Basically, there are several layers.

The keys themselves
The rubbery thing with the bumps on it
The mylar (or whatever) plastic sheets with the circuit-looking things.
Then down at the bottom, under the spacebar is where the board is. I think it might go under the plastic or maybe over.

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. I know this is a bit of a long-shot – not the easiest thing to explain on a message board.

just one little bumb won’t hurt anyone…

make that "bump"