Help me with this stupid idiotic dumb jerky game!

It’s stupid and idiotic and dumb and jerky because I’m stuck, of course. :wink:

It’s a brain teaser game. You try to get to 2, 3, 4, etc by entering the number/word/phrase that would follow as the html file.

So I’ve been working on it with Diosabellissima and we’re stuck at number 14. The clue is:

13, unlucky …

Danged if we’re not stuck! Can anyone help us out? If so, please post it in a spoiler box!

#14 makes baby Jesus cry.

And it makes my head hurt. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m not sure exactly what the format is here. The page says “13” on it, and you have to enter, for example, as the answer?

Start at the begining. In the address bar, take out the “1” and put in “2”.

When you get to the next page (it says “2” on it) you go up to the address bar, take out “2” and put “3”. So on and so forth. The next one, it isn’t a regular number. You just follow the clues and put what comes next in the pattern.

Not exactly. The first page has you click on the first number. That gives you the page address:

and has a regular old “1” on the screen. To get to 2 (I’m not going to spoiler box THIS one since it’s rather easy), you change the address manually to:

Do the exact same for 3, and then you see something different. I’ll answer this one in a spoiler box:

Instead of seeing a regular old ‘3’, you see III. Since you have to go on to 4 this time around, you change the address to …/IV.html . Get it?

Oh, and Diosa says you’re the one who reupped my sub! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Bah. Number 8 isn’t working out. Isn’t it “oct” or something like that?

Hehe yeah. It was no problem really, you’re quite welcome. Like I told Diosa, any friend of hers is a friend of mine.

Sept is

Eight in French. So the answer is huit

Hee, that’s the deviousness of this game! Number 8 might not be a calendar month at all…

That’s where I get stuck, too.
Anyone wanna spoiler the answer?

Thanks in adavance.

…and I see I should preview more often.


Okay, I’ve gotten to where you girls are stuck. Now to actually figure this damn thing out.

I can’t figure out what to do with page 9.

Ok, so the word nine is invisible… how do i enter an invisible ten?


Number 8 seemed obvious to me, but I didn’t see how to get past the next one. So I cheated:

View|Source from the menu.

No, Sept is seven in French (from the Latin, septem). Huit is eight.

rjk, I did that for a couple of them as well, but it doesn’t work for #14.

And now I’m stuck at 13 like the rest of you.

I’m guessing it has something to do with 14 being two sevens… (double lucky) but I can’t find the right way to put it

Antigen, that’s my hypothesis as well. Keep at it guys! One of us will get it soon enough.

I’m drawing a total blank on 12 --> 13. A little help, s’il vous plait?